Why do we lose our excitement

Learning worlds that inspire: So that people and organizations develop

Find out how we strengthen people and organizations in a tailored way - and thereby develop successfully.

Do you know that? When children start to go to school, they do it with a lot of curiosity and the joy of discovering the world, with an incredible enthusiasm for learning. Often, however, children lose this enthusiasm after a short time, and many years later these students from yesterday are sitting in today's companies - with the well-known consequences.

For this reason, we have made it our task to create learning worlds that inspire people again, inspire potential and thereby advance people and organizations alike. By the way, we have been doing this for 30 years - with great success, both through small and large impulses.

Our mission: Learning with enthusiasm. Our model: H.3 - Learning with heart, brain and hand

Did you know? It takes at least 28 days, sometimes even up to six months, to consolidate new behavior patterns! In addition: positive learning experiences can only be implemented sustainably if in three areas
work is going on: on heart, brain and hand.

The H3-Model addresses exactly these three areas. We impart knowledge and ability (brain), develop skills and abilities (hand), and we work on posture and behavior (heart).
Our H3-Modell also ensures that the new patterns are implemented calmly: by continuously “tapping” the participants over a longer period of time; so we change mindsets (beliefs) and support them
desired changes in behavior.

With big and small impulses to the goal

Our training methods and learning formats secure knowledge transfer, own transfer and practical transfer - because they inspire enthusiasm for learning. And because they are guaranteed to suit you and your employees. For the continuous "tapping" of the participants we use the following learning formats:

Our process: a guarantee for tailor-made solutions

Reliable processes make everything easier. Our process therefore guarantees you tailor-made solutions. Expect qualification programs that take into account the talents and potential of your employees and that match the structures, interfaces and processes of your company.

Our tools: groundbreaking, because tailor-made learning solutions, with which we accompany you digitally and on site - step by step, day by day, anytime and anywhere, until your goal is reached. Well-founded analyzes and a nationwide network of over 100 trainers with experience in the industry allow us to offer you exactly what you need for your success: tailor-made programs.