Why do apartments need a transformer

How dangerous are transformer stations?

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Transformer stations (medium voltage stations) only generate magnetic fields in their environment. The fields decrease significantly faster with increasing distance than the fields from high-voltage lines. Depending on the power (size) of the transformer, a safety distance of less than 5 to a maximum of 10 meters is sufficient.

The main field emissions do not come from the transformer itself, but from the power rails of the low-voltage distribution. Therefore, the field load in the vicinity of a transformer house depends primarily on the distance to the low-voltage distribution, which is usually mounted on one of the outer walls. If a transformer is installed next to a residential building, the low-voltage distribution should therefore be installed on the side of the transformer building facing away from the residential building. Medium-voltage transformers are generally questionable if they are built wall to wall with a residential building or are even built into a residential building.

The supply lines to the transformer can be important for field emissions if they are overhead lines. In basement apartments and basement rooms, the fields of underground cables that are laid a few meters apart from the building are also noticeable.

Recommended safety distances to transformer stations depending on the power (kVA):

250 kVA 3 m
400 kVA 3 - 5 m
630 kVA 5 - 10 m

In the case of garage stations or compact stations, the distances can be smaller.