Why do you like to step on your toes?

Conquer head and back pain with barefoot shoes

When I first heard the word "barefoot shoes", I couldn't really imagine what that was supposed to be. Today barefoot shoes are part of the normal equipment for me. I love to wear barefoot shoes and I feel very comfortable in them. Why? Walking barefoot is healthy. The foot muscles are strengthened and you feel more connected to the earth (because you feel the ground more). I found out on my own body that walking barefoot does something to me. My headaches are gone (I wrote about this in this post years ago), my posture is more upright, and more muscles are exercised overall. In addition, my running technique has changed. I no longer walk in the heel gait, but more in the ball gait. Strong forces act on our body while walking and running, because every contact of the foot with the ground is a shock. This is particularly strong when walking on the heel. If you walk barefoot, you automatically switch to the ball of the foot and cushions every step. This has a positive effect on the entire body. Try it for yourself: when you walk barefoot, you automatically step more carefully. As a result, I have fewer problems with my neck and the headaches have passed. Walking barefoot is natural and I want to keep this naturalness in everyday life with my shoes on. I am not always able to walk barefoot. That's why I wear barefoot shoes, because I want to be dressed "normally". In addition, it is important to me to protect my feet from foreign bodies, from hot asphalt in summer or from sharp stones or broken glass. I did some research and discovered the following models that are currently on the market. You are vegan. Let yourself be inspired and maybe you will discover a great barefoot shoe model for yourself too.

Vegan barefoot shoes: current models

  • 1. I am currently wearing barefoot shoes from Merrell and I am very satisfied with the quality of my models. You have been with me for a number of years. I saw that there is now a model with cotton as the upper material. Some models are vegan. To the overview of the "Vapor Glove" models or to the "Bare Access" models with more padding (e.g. for switching or beginners). Overall, Merrell has a good selection.
  • 2. There is the manufacturer ZAQQ, who makes barefoot shoes in Germany and offers a vegan model, luckily in several colors. I picked this one for you. I have already published this post on ZAQQ on the blog.
  • 3. There are also fancy barefoot shoes called "toe shoes" that provide even more flexibility. I've also had them before and can confirm that they are very comfortable. You get used to the "toe shape" quickly. Of course, they look a little "different", in every case an eye-catcher in everyday life. To the overview of Vibram FiveFingers barefoot toe shoes.
  • 4. My husband and daughter also had Sole Runner barefoot shoes. These models are vegan, they are comfortable and softly padded. They make barefoot shoes for both spring / summer and winter.
  • 5. leguano produces its barefoot shoes in Germany. For a long time I only knew the "barefoot sock" with sole from leguano, but that's over now. You are now also making optically "correct" barefoot shoes that would hardly be noticed in everyday life. To the overview of various Leguano models. On the subject of "vegan barefoot shoes" I found the following on your website: "Leguano barefoot shoes are not all vegan in the narrower sense, as one component of the sole material (0.05%) is based on animal raw material. This is not direct animal components, but about processing aids based on fatty acids, where the starting materials can be of animal origin. However, we are constantly working on optimizing our products and the material composition and strive to use alternatives of vegetable origin for our iguanos. That is us with the model Kosmo succeeded. This leguano barefoot shoe is completely vegan. The new style maritim is also vegan. Other models will follow and are specially marked. "
  • 6. I know some who are very fond of Vivobarefoot shoes. Here you can find vegan models for women. Personally, I have to refresh my experience with Vivobarefoot (you can find out why here).
  • 7. At home we wear the vegan barefoot shoe from Ethletic (more on this in this article). It is made of organic cotton and is very cozy. However, the processing could be a little more loving (threads peek out here and there).

Article by Lisa Albrecht published on February 17, 2019.