Is it okay to have 12 cavities

fischer 2-component cavity toggle plug DUOTEC 12 made of nylon - 10 pieces

Technical specifications:
Nominal drill diameter dO: 12 mm
min.board thickness dp: 12 mm
max.board thickness dp: 55 mm
min.cavity depth a: 50 mm
Screw diameter ds: chipboard screws 5 - 6 mm or threaded screws M6
Screw length ls: = dp + tfix + 20 mm
Min.hole depth h1: ls - tfix + 10 mm
min.screw length ls: = tfix + 65 mm
Dowel length l: 47 mm
Max. Thickness of attachment tfix: ls - 65 mm
Packaging unit: 10 pieces

Top features
Combination of two material components for more performance
Collar sleeve reinforces the drill hole and enables significantly higher transverse loads.
The curved handle allows you to feel for obstacles before assembly.

Flexible screw mount enables screws and hooks with different thread shapes to be used.
Glass fiber reinforced plastics and the metal skeleton insert (fischer DUOTEC 12) ensure that high tensile and shear loads are absorbed in all panel building materials.
The soft, gray nylon support side distributes the load on the panel surface and thereby minimizes the weakening of the load-bearing building material.
Common drill hole diameters and short tilting element for easy installation in narrow, even insulated cavities.
White collar sleeve with locking function enables quick and safe pre-assembly of the anchor in the drill hole.
With a scale on the drawstring (fischer DUOTEC 12) to determine the required screw length (scale value + 20 mm).

Building materials:
Suitable for:
Wooden panels such. B. OSB boards, chipboard, MDF boards
Steel plates
Plastic panels
Hollow concrete blocks

Also suitable for:
Solid materials, such as E.g .: concrete, wood

Kitchen cabinets
Living room cabinets
Heavy hanging baskets