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Radar detector guide & comparison 2021

Hello, I'm Gregor and I've put this page together. First you will find an overview of various radar detectors of our choice, followed by a survey and a guide on the subject of radar detectors. Further down on the page, we will then link to further articles or reviews, and at the end you can add your own mustard in the comments.

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The 11 radar detectors of our choice

in a clear comparison
ooono traffic alarm: Warns of speed cameras and dangers in traffic in real time, automatically active after connection to smartphone via Bluetooth, data from
3 in 1 Car DVR Radar Detector GPS Tracker Car DVR Camera Driving Recorder Anti Radar Dash Cam Electronic Dog
Navty P1 Premium Edition - Performance Tracker / Radar Detector / Speed ​​Camera Detector for Car
LAMAX T10 Real 4K Dashcam with GPS, radar warning (50 countries), WiFi + mobile app, wide-angle recordings 170 °, magnetic holder, 2.45 “display, Full HD 60 FPS, additional rear camera
Elebest Pro A900 navigation device 22.8cm 9 inch display, Android 6.0, WiFi, radar detector, tablet PC, motorhome, truck, car, 32GB memory, Bluetooth, free lifelong updates
Get out of the clutches of tax investigators: Radar detectors are prohibited! Knowledge advantage not!
TrueCam H7 2.5K GPS dash cam, car camera with resolution 2.5K (30 fps), fast 5 GHz WiFi, database 40 thousand radars in Europe, G-sensor, GPS + radar detector, WDR, G-sensor, automatic start
GENEVO ™ ONE S Europe Radar Detector / Lightning Detector - Warns of speed cameras in road traffic in real time - GPS dangers
POI Pilot 6000 POI Pilot: GPS hazard warning device with POI data for Europe, 3 years of free updates (hazard warning device)
POI Pilot 6000 radar detector: GPS hazard warning device with POI data for D / A / CH, 3 years of free updates (speed camera detector)
Cobra PNI-RAD250 radar detector RAD 250
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This tabular comparison should not be confused with a radar detector test, in which the radar detectors are tested in detail. External tests are linked further down on the page.

Evaluation of the survey: Popular radar detectors

Every month we analyze exactly which products are most popular with our users:

Which radar detector would you buy online? (February 2021)

  • 60% (12 votes) GENEVO ™ ONE S Europe Radar Detector / Blitzwa ...
  • 25% (5 votes) Navty P1 Premium Edition - Performance Tra ...
  • 10% (2 votes) Elebest City 80 navigation device Navi 32 G ...
  • 5% (1 votes) Cobra PNI-RAD250 radar detector RAD 250
  • 0% (0 votes) LAMAX T10 Real 4K Dashcam with GPS, radar ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Out of the clutches of the tax investigation: Ra ...
  • 0% (0 votes) MUXAN radar detector, RF signal bug detector ...
  • 0% (0 votes) POI Pilot 6000 POI Pilot: GPS Hazard War ...

20 votes in total.

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Radar detector guide

Figure: Traffic alert: warns of ooono

Many drivers have toyed with the idea of ​​getting one Radar detector to buy and have it installed in your car. But is such an investment worthwhile and can all radar devices be recorded with it?
Basically you can say that a Radar detector can also only warn of radars. However, there are also other measurement methods that are not recorded. This includes, for example, the light barrier measurement or the ProVida system, which does not emit any radiation.
Laser guns pose a further problem. Manufacturers often state that the radar detectors can also detect laser guns. However, these pistols are usually not operated continuously; the police officer only triggers the laser when a vehicle moving very quickly approaches the position. Since the measurement only takes a few hundredths of a second, the radar detector would only identify the signal when the speed limit has long been registered.
Meanwhile there are Radar detectorthat are combined with a laser jammer. The jamming device is attached to the license plate because this is usually aimed at with the laser pistol. However, it must be said that the police often notice that the license plate cannot be targeted and then other parts of the car, such as the exterior mirrors, are appropriated.

Different types of radar detectors in the test

There are several different types of radar detectors. In addition to the classic radar warning devices, apps for speed cameras, navigation systems with a radio warning or so-called POI warner are also sold.

Radar detector
Well-known manufacturers of radar warning devices include Escort, Genovo One and Quintezz. All of these devices are small electronic radar detectors that are powered by cables. The battery lasts between 4 and 6 hours in most cases when no power cord is connected. Good devices not only have a radar warning system for Germany but all of Europe. Fixed speed traps as well as mobile radar devices can be recognized well. Unfortunately, false alarms are triggered quite often, which can be quite annoying for the driver. False alarms are triggered, for example, by traffic lights, electric gates or automatic doors. This has to do with the fact that the radar frequencies are quite similar to those used by the police. In comparison, the Escort 9500iX model made a positive impression. This device has a learning function. If you drive a certain route often, it is possible to program faulty sources of interference. As already mentioned, although radar detectors can detect laser pistols, the warning is given so late that the driver can no longer reduce the speed in good time. Therefore, the radar warning devices do not guarantee 100 percent security against radar devices. The comparison winner also has its problems with it.
Other good radar warning devices to reduce speed camera costs are the Wikango 700 or the Genevo one G1.

Apps for the smartphone
There are also various speed camera apps on the market for cell phones. However, you do not carry out your own measurements but use coordinates using GPS and databases that have already been created.
The advantage of these apps is that they are very cheap. However, it is important to know that there are only warnings about the already known radar devices. The app works well against stationary radar devices and known mobile speed cameras. New speed traps, currently installed mobile devices and also lasers are not detected.

Navigation devices with radar detectors
Navigation devices that have an integrated radar detector are enjoying increasing popularity. Well-known manufacturers are TomTom or Garmin radar detectors. If you decide to buy such a navigation device, it is important to ensure that the software is updated regularly so that the software is always up to date. Then the navigation system with the integrated speed camera detector is just as good as an app for the smartphone.
No matter what type of radar detector you choose, it is important to always be clear that no device offers one hundred percent security. There are many reviews of the best devices on the Internet.

Radar detector tests & other reports

New: our editorially supported list of further reports. The Internet is full of radar detector tests, in which technical data are compared, but the products are rarely really tested (we therefore clearly refer to our overview as a "comparison" and in no way as a "test"). So we have made it our business to distinguish supposed tests from honest test reports and to list the most helpful tests, reports, discussions and useful information about radar detectors here:

Test reports -
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Valentine One Bel radar detector
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Radar detector test 2014 | Radar detector online
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Conclusion on the radar detector guide & comparison 2021

Finally, we would like to explain our evaluation criteria for our radar detector comparison so that you can better understand our recommendations and our evaluation process. You are also advised to keep your eyes peeled for short-term offers in 2021, because cheap bargains can quickly make a product attractive for radar detectors!

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