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WebM: What You Need To Know About The Google Format!

WebM is for use with HTML5 created. The codecs VP8 and VP9 are designed in such a way that a large amount of compression takes place, but little computing power is required for unpacking. The purpose of this concept is to enable streaming of videos on the Internet on almost all devices (whether desktop, tablet, smartphone or media devices such as smart TVs). So it is not surprising that YouTube - as a subsidiary of Google - converts all videos into the WebM format - regardless of the format of the original file. However, YouTube continues to support H.264 for those who cannot play WebM.

WebM has now become a political issue in the internet community. While Google is trying with all their might to establish the audio-video format, other large market players such as Apple or Microsoft are sticking to formats such as MP4. The main reason for this is the patent system: The two software companies are, for example, in the MPEG-LA patent pool, because they hold patents on the codecs used and collect license fees for them. Google tries to bypass these patents with WebM.

That has been the case in the past legal problems led: The point of contention is the codec VP8. Several companies had criticized the codec for disregarding their patents. Google then reached an agreement with MPEG LA. Nokia, however, is not part of the patent pool and sees its rights being disregarded. A first lawsuit in which the company took its rival HTC, whose devices support V8, to court, was dismissed by the Mannheim District Court.