What are the effects of thermotherapy



Thermotherapy works with both heat (Heat therapy) as well as with cold (Cryotherapy). It is a scientifically recognized method of physical therapy and classic natural healing methods and is supported by health insurance companies.

Working principle & implementation

Cryotherapy works locally with cold packs, ice massages, cold air or cooling sprays. There is also full-body therapy with carbon dioxide (CO2). Heat is supplied to the body in the form of infrared light, short waves or ultrasound. There are also a variety of packs, poultices, or compresses with peat or mud (fango), hay flowers, linseed, etc. Which type of thermotherapy is suitable depends on the symptoms and is mainly based on the desired depth of penetration into the skin.

How effective is thermal therapy?

There are a number of positive study results on the effectiveness of thermal therapy. Repeated use is important.


The sauna is a special form of thermal therapy. It is based on a hot air bath with subsequent application of cold. Saunas are particularly recommended for chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system or the respiratory tract, as well as for some cardiovascular diseases. In the case of acute infections, acute inflammation of the internal organs, acute heart diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, the sauna should not be used.