Is nature communication prestigious

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Here are the latest comments on the TiKo-2Weekly:

"Always interesting. Learning from our animals never stops."

"I think your site is really good. There are often "little things" that you couldn't think of yourself because you couldn't see the forest for the trees. "

"I like your newsletter very much. It's relaxing to read in it.
Gladly more of it!
Kind regards, D. "

"I'm thrilled, thank you very much my dear"

"Written understandably, tasks are interesting and easy to imitate"

"The writing style: simple and very easy to understand. The suggestions for thinking and thinking."

"Learning to be conscious is so important for a harmonious life with animals"

"To take animals as role models, for more understanding and more calm and to recognize oneself. To reduce stress"

"Great thing! Keep it up!"

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