Should I sell or rent my apartment?

Rent or sell property?
So make the right decision

Advantages of selling a house

If the following are true, your home may be worth selling.

There is no speculation tax
A house used by someone else can only be sold tax-free if you have owned it for more than ten years. Anyone who has lived in their house for three years or used it for their own residential purposes in the year of sale and the two preceding calendar years also does not have to pay speculation tax. This also applies to calendar years that have already started.

The return is too low
Especially if you want to use an apartment as a retirement provision, the return has to be right.

The proceeds are needed
For example, to pay off a loan or debt. Or you use the income for another purchase or want to invest the money differently.

Maintenance costs are too high
There are always maintenance costs for a property. If you can no longer raise them, you should consider selling them.

The house is costing you too much time
In addition to the maintenance costs, a property also takes time. Both when you use your own property and when you rent a property, there is work that needs to be done.

The selling price would be unbeatable
If your property is in an area with high demand and a high price level, the sale is of course more worthwhile. If you are lucky, the value will have increased over the time you owned it.

Disadvantages of selling a home

Speculative tax
If you have owned the property for less than 10 years or have not lived in it yourself, you will be subject to speculative tax on the sale. This can make up to 40% of the profit. Calculate in advance whether it would be worthwhile to keep the property for longer.

Prepayment penalty
If you have financed your property and this financing has not yet been repaid, the bank will usually charge you a prepayment penalty. In addition, the bank must approve the sale in advance. Contact your bank in advance to clarify any costs that may arise.