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"Too dangerous": Police break off autograph sessions for RAF Camora and the 187 street gang

RAF Camora and the 187 street gang held an autograph session in Vienna yesterday. However, it had to be canceled after a short time, as did both Bonez MC as well as RAF Camora announced on their social media channels.

The police even came with batons, dogs and flashing lights. We apologize in a more detailed statement RAF Camora with the fans. He explains the situation Facebook as follows:

"The police came after about 30 minutes with flashing lights, sticks and dogs to break everything off. It was classified as 'too dangerous'. We were no longer allowed to give autographs and had to leave the place. Anyone who knows us knows that we normally sign autographs for hours without any problems."

"1. To you: We are very sorry for all of you who have waited, I hope that we can make up for it (we also made the special trip and wanted to do it).
2. To those responsible: Don't underestimate us every time. Next time, please be more secure on site so that something like this doesn't happen again."

RAF Camora

Good morning Vienna! Anyone who was on Mariahilferstrasse yesterday saw what was going on there at the autograph session. The POLICE came after about 30 minutes with flashing lights, sticks and dogs to EVERYTHING ...

You can also find various videos from the autograph session in the Insta Stories of RAF Camora and Bonez MC. Here are some impressions from the evening and the departure:

State of emergency in Vienna !!

36.6k Likes, 323 Comments - Bonez MC (@ bonez187erz) on Instagram: "State of emergency in Vienna !!"

Autograph session was canceled.

38.1k Likes, 599 Comments - Bonez MC (@ bonez187erz) on Instagram: "Autograph session was canceled .."

But there is another way:

Autograph marathon until shortly before 8 am: The 187 holiday started "insane"

Sampler 4 is here and it was celebrated in Hamburg tonight. After Bonez documented exactly in his around 100-part Instagram story how a fan was allowed to drive the fat Benz, it went back to the Media Markt, in front of which there was already a huge crowd with the release of Ebbe & Flut 2015.

Videos: When the 187 street gang spontaneously gives an autograph session

The plastic palm tour in full swing. With the crew, RAF Camora and Bonez MC drive through the republic and not only cause chaos in sold out venues but also on Munich's Amalienstra├če. There was a spontaneous autograph session there today: