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The flatter the picture, the flatter the sound. This simple formula can be used to sum up the sound quality of modern televisions, since they have been getting slimmer and no longer appear as bulky boxes. A loudspeaker category was created specifically to improve the television sound: the soundbar is so small and flat that it can ideally be hung on the wall under the television.

Soundbars unquestionably deliver a much better sound on the television than the built-in speakers - but even the best cannot match a full-fledged surround system, you should be aware of that. But they also have a big advantage over a surround system: You don't have to fill your living room with five, seven or more speakers plus a subwoofer. Here are our recommendations in the brief overview.

Brief overview: Our recommendations

Audio specialist Denon has revised its entire portfolio, but the Denon DHT-S716H soundbar cannot hide the fact that it is basically the HEOS bar. The differences are only marginal, which is by no means a disadvantage. In addition to the enormous sound capabilities, it is also the wide range of connection options with which the DHT-S716H can once again set itself apart from the competition.

Good as well

Canton Smart Soundbar 9

The Canton Soundbar 9 is smart and can be easily expanded with a subwoofer and surround speakers.

Canton is going smart, the Smart Soundbar 9 is part of a completely new speaker series. Although it lets it crack properly on its own, it can be upgraded with the appropriate Smart Sub 8 if necessary, especially in larger rooms. The largest expansion stage to date is a set of the Smart Soundbox 3 - normally used as a multi-room speaker, they can be configured here as rear surround channels without further ado.

Including rears

Teufel CineSystem Pro

The new Cine System Pro from Teufel is the highest level of the CineBar Pro and is equipped with rear speakers.

With the CineBar Pro, Teufel has created a more or less modular, expandable system that is based on the CineBar Pro. Even the soundbar without a subwoofer really hits the gas, as the Cinesystem Pro with a subwoofer and additional wireless rear speakers, Teufel comes pretty close to a real surround set.

Compact and smart

Bose Smart Soundbar 300

The Smart Soundbar 300 from Bose surprises with its rich sound from the slim housing.

With the Smart Soundbar 300, Bose is again digging deep into the electro-acoustic bag of tricks. With the success that one asks after the first sounds how such a voluminous sound can come out of such a small box. Thanks to the Bose Music app, the good piece is also capable of streaming and compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Good & cheap

Polk React soundbar

Polk provides an inexpensive, powerful soundbar that can easily be expanded with a subwoofer and Rears.

With the React Soundbar, Polk not only has an inexpensive soundbar with very good sound properties in its range, the React is even compatible with Alexa, the corresponding microphones are located directly in the soundbar. It can also be retrofitted with a sub and / or two surround speakers to create a veritable 5.1, all connections are wireless.

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