Which cell phone manufacturers use Gorilla Glass

Screen repairs on cell phones: how much does it cost?

Even if cell phone manufacturers want to prevent display damage through protective measures such as Gorilla Glass, broken or cracked screens occasionally occur. If your cell phone display is cracked, you may be wondering how high the repair costs could be.

There is no flat-rate price for a display repair. The costs depend in particular on the type of damage and the device. In some cases, defects can be repaired for a small double-digit euro amount, but the repair is often more expensive. If it is not the display but other components on your cell phone that are damaged, we can also help you here: Cell phone defective? First aid for your broken smartphone.

Repair price depends on many factors

If you are technically savvy and technically fit, you will find display repair kits for many smartphones that you can use to replace the screen yourself. In addition to the front glass, the sets contain the necessary tools and other components that you need for the display repair. For older cell phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 there are sets for around 30 euros.

However, since the screens on newer devices are more extensive, the costs are usually higher here. For example, an iPhone Xs display set costs around 150 euros. Due to the complex technology, there are still no DIY repair kits for many devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S20. When replacing it yourself, you should be extremely careful not to damage other components of the smartphone in addition to the display. If you are unsure or if not only the glass but also the screen technology is damaged, it is better to have the repair carried out by a specialist.

Display repairs: costs at a glance

In the case of professional repairs, the price is primarily related to the smartphone model. While inexpensive cell phones from smaller manufacturers such as Wiko can usually be repaired quite cheaply, you have to dig deep into your pockets when replacing the display of a current Samsung or Apple flagship. Depending on the severity of the damage, prices from 100 euros to 600 euros can be called up. If you want to have your cell phone restored in a “cell phone clinic” in your area, the costs usually also depend on where you live. In areas with many repair centers, prices are often lower. Alternatively, there are many online repair services where you can send in your defective smartphone. The repair service Repamo gives the following prices for the display repair of currently popular smartphones:

The prices are guide values ​​(as of August 2020). If your smartphone has to be reset, there are usually additional costs for data backup. We'll give you tips on how to save your data if your cell phone no longer works. You should regularly protect your mobile phone with a sturdy cover and foil so that damage does not occur in the first place. To keep the repair costs low, you can also take out mobile phone insurance. You can cover yourself for a single-digit monthly amount so that you can have it repaired in the context of an insured event at no additional cost. Elsewhere we explain whether mobile phone insurance could be worthwhile for you. In the DEINHANDY shop you can find more information about the content and prices of mobile phone insurance.