Who are the most influential Spanish bloggers

How do you identify and work with an influential blogger?

Influential blogs have gained the trust of a qualified audience who will follow their recommendations, especially for managing online purchases. Working with these media is essential as part of an online influence strategy. But there are many blogs out there (164 million blogs on the Internet, exactly that!), And the most influential bloggers are already getting a lot of inquiries. How can you identify the most important influencers for your company and offer them a collaboration? A few pointers in this post.

Don't look too far!

It's a first step that is too often overlooked, but still the most effective: influential bloggers can be among your fans or even your customers! A tool like Social Rank allows you to sort your Instagram or Twitter subscribers by many criteria, including Influences, and find the big fish.

If you have an email database, such as that of your leads or even your existing customers, you can upload it to a fictional Gmail account created for the occasion. Then just import this Gmail list from Twitter to this page. That's it: You discover all of your customers on Twitter. These are probably the first profiles to follow! There are potentially interesting profiles among them, which are more than 10,000 Followers to have.


Using the pretext of "making friends" can actually find your customers' Twitter accounts. A gold mine! (Photo credit: Twitter)


Find influential bloggers by their social footprint

Influential bloggers tend to be very active on Twitter. And, of course, their influence is reflected in the number of Followers contrary. It's an easy number that can be manipulated, but let's say it's a very interesting first move. It's up to you to organize that next.

In addition to the good old extended search engine from Twitter and without forgetting the essential buzzsumo again, you can also use BirdSong Analytics. This tool allows you to extract subscribers of a specific account from an Excel file and then sort this list by the number of Followers or - if necessary - sort by keywords for your industry. For example, if you are a new entrant in the e-commerce footwear segment, extracting the list of subscribers to the @Zalando account and identifying your most influential subscribers should help you find some gold pieces ...


Klear has the advantage that it not only scans social network profiles, but also blogs. (Image credit: Klear)


Finally, Klear is an even more powerful - but not free - tool that lets you identify influential blogs by keyword, but also influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It allows the results to be filtered based on the influencer's weight: Power users, casual or Novice. An excellent way to target microinfluencers (Novice) to find.

There is also real life ...

You have the great opportunity to meet influencers at real events: trade shows, seminars, conferences, fan meetings, etc.


Behind the innocent visitor to a trade fair there might be an influential blogger ... (Photo source: Stefan Lorentz, Pexels)


In some areas, influential bloggers receive press releases and partnership proposals every day, more or less seriously. It's hard to stand out from the crowd. A real meeting is an excellent introduction and maximizes the chances of future collaboration.

Check their domain authority

You have your "Charts"i.e. your list of around fifteen bloggers that you can contact. Okay, but one final check is needed: their domain authority, their popularity in Google search results. When a website with a high domain authority talks about your product and includes a link to your website (Backlink), all of this is good for your SEO because it strengthens your own domain authority in the eyes of Google. On the other hand, if a website with a very low domain authority covers your product, the link could be harmful and penalize your SEO!

Domain authority is not an official indicator published by Google. But external tools are capable of evaluating them, usually with a score of 100. The reference in this matter is undoubtedly Moz. And it's free.

Action! An email that is straight to the point, but personalized

When you approach an influential blogger, make sure you know you aren't the first. You can also save time: yours and that of the person you are talking to. There is no need to get lost in the windings to justify rapprochement and offer compensation for the services provided. Get to the point while staying professional.


Influencer media receive daily partnership proposals by email. Follow a direct and professional approach and do not hesitate to formulate the remuneration conditions. (Photo credit: Pixabay, Pexels)


However, saving time doesn't mean you have to copy and paste the same email for every influencer. The "Bulk e-mail ", this e-mail, which is being sent to a large number of interlocutors at the same time, is a false good idea. So take a direct, short, but personalized approach. The blogger needs to feel like you want to develop a real relationship with them. That should be your goal.

Centralized platforms

By the time you've come this far, you will understand: identifying influential bloggers is not a panacea. Fortunately, there are also centralized platforms that already identify the media that are heavily influencing each industry.

Prefer a platform that makes manual selection: it did the selection work for you and you avoid risks! getfluence.com references 2,000 hand-selected blogs and influential media. The platform also ensures the linking and confirmation of the content created for you. That's it!