What is a political perception gap

HOT IRON - horse trading, gaps in perception and hardened fronts: In Frauenfeld, the municipal councils unpack the rhetorical two-handed when it comes to the parking space question

Horse trading, gaps in perception and hardened fronts: In Frauenfeld, the municipal councils unpack the rhetorical two-handed man when it comes to the parking space question

Application for rejection, green light and then a referendum: Once again, opinions are divided on the parking issue in the local council.

It went up and down in the town hall on Wednesday evening. At the end of the nearly four-hour session in the Citizens' Hall, the course of the debate led to annoyed politicians with one or two head shakes. At the end of a nerve-wracking debate about land policy with a rather vague and dry rhetoric, a parking lot question about the message "Land registry security for the use of 50 public parking spaces for cars in the basement of the extension to the government building for 1.75 million francs from special financing" followed politically hot iron.

In a heated discussion among the 39 council members present, it revealed the rift that had been deeply torn between the left of the council and the bourgeoisie for years. After a rejected application for rejection by the CH / Greens / GLP parliamentary group with the support of the SP, the city council's embassy found a majority before it was again put on hold by an authority referendum.

Compensation for above and below ground parking spaces

Before the rejection motion, followed by a number of rhetorical two-handed, the CVP municipal council expressed itself Beda Staehelin as spokesman for the business audit commission (GPK) finance and administration to the business. The most controversial discussions promptly led to the rejection request with the demand that above-ground parking spaces be kept at the same time for the creation of further underground parking spaces. Staeheli said:

"For some members, the dismantling of above-ground parking spaces is damaging the industry."

GPK Finanz und Administration rejected the application with 7 to 6 votes, according to which a new message had to be created with two additions:

  1. Binding regulation on the dismantling of 50 above-ground parking spaces in the perimeter of Promenadenstrasse, Konviktplatz, Freiestrasse / Bankplatz / Zürcherstrasse, Grabenstrasse
  2. Implementation no later than one year after completion of construction

For local council Michael Poell (Greens), who justified the rejection request, there are more than enough publicly accessible parking spaces in the city center. Pöll said:

"An exchange of the parking spaces would be more than justified."

Pöll refuted earlier statements by the city council, according to which additional parking spaces would meet the needs of residents, employees, visitors and customers of the city center, with the low occupancy rate of the old town car park. "There is obviously a wide perception gap between the presumed needs of businesses and customers and the real needs," he added. And there could be no question of extreme demands, as he explained with reference to the settlement and transport structure plan.

Bourgeois: attack, horse trading, hip shot

The reactions from the bourgeoisie were not long in coming. FDP local council Sandro Erné spoke of an "attack against cooperation in the municipal council" and a horse-trading motion. The council left would have no interest in working with other interest groups to promote sustainable development for Frauenfeld. Erné added without understanding the request:

"You only harden the fronts in this way."

CVP councilor Susanna Dreyer agreed with the previous speaker, reminded the elderly population that they had to take the shortest possible routes to get their purchases, and warned: “Anyone who agrees to the abolition of 50 parking spaces in the city center today says yes to a decision made in relation to its medium-term Consequences is not reflected and is therefore more like a shot in the hip. "

The CVP council did not want to see the problem Stefan Geiges. Although he was against the application, he spoke out in favor of a sensible development that the changes in mobility could not prevent in any case. It said:

"The fact is that parking spaces are needed where there is traffic."

The SVP / EDU parliamentary group, like SVP councilor, has no doubts about approval for the embassy with additional parking spaces in a central location Severine Hänni announced.

The CH municipal council heard the accusation of hardened fronts Peter Hausammann not like. "That is wrong, Habakuk, stop this hardening crap!" He demanded, referring to the structure plan as well as Pöll and an irritated SP municipal council Ralf Freiwho spoke of an “ideological blindness on both sides of the council”, of “double standards” and the “fairy tale of fickle politicians”. In memory of statements on the implementation of the regulations on the legal status and tasks of the workshops, he said:

"Once a structure plan is a matter of course, less than a year later another seeing eye is ignored."

And Heinrich Christ (CH) wanted to rebut Council colleague Dreyer's argument about demographic development and is placing his hopes on the younger generation “with a completely different mobility behavior”.

Traffic coordination is postponed to 2022

City council Andreas Elliker for his part, found the comparison of horse-trading as a full-time farmer unsuitable. First of all, the population should now be surveyed and the various stakeholders should be brought on board for an overall picture. He said:

"It is a financial policy business for the city that should not fall into arrears via a detour."

The application for rejection was then shipwrecked with 17 votes in favor to 22 against. The embassy, ​​on the other hand, got the green light (25 yes to 14 no votes) after the city president Stokholm is different spoke of “a situational, pragmatic path” in the parking lot strategy. On the one hand, this includes the careful dismantling of above-ground parking spaces and the expansion of public transport. He added:

"This satisfies the structure plan, despite an annual increase in traffic of 1.1 percent."

However, due to an official referendum by individual council members, the embassy did not make it across the finish line with 13 votes, which, according to the business regulations for the local council, reaches the people. Before that, but with a delay, the people will vote to clarify the transport infrastructure projects. "We need a little more time," said Councilor Elliker. Therefore, the vote planned for November has been postponed to the first half of 2022. Elliker apologized for the delay and said: "Good things take time."