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2 Jürgen Klopp, member of the cooperative since 2005 WITH US. There are many reasons that speak in favor of the FWG UWG: Citizen's will and citizen information instead of party interests Norbert Bohlmann constituency 101 Gütersloh Politics without parliamentary party compulsion Objective action and no party clique Independent and free decisions through public exchange of views No ideological and financial dependencies Transparent and comprehensible decisions Now from our unique Benefit from cooperative advice! Dietmar Grimmer constituency 102 Gütersloh Peter Kalley constituency 103 Gütersloh Dr. Wilhelm Ahlert constituency 104 Gütersloh Participation of all citizens even without party affiliation No instructions from party headquarters. For the benefit of the local people. In short: there for you close to the people! Andreas Jäger constituency 105 Gütersloh Hans-Joachim Heese constituency 106 Gütersloh Hiltrud Wulle constituency 107 Gütersloh Everyone has something that drives them. Only those who keep an eye on their goals can achieve them. It's good if you can rely on a strong partner on this path: With our cooperative advice, we help you to realize your own personal drive and to achieve your goals. Get advice on site at a branch near you or online at We make the way clear. Your region, your voice. Every vote counts. May 25th there for you close to the people! District Association of Free and Independent Voters in the Gütersloh District

3 CONTENTS When will it be summer again? TOTAL LOCAL 006 Gütersloh Marketing GmbH, Maria meets BUSINESS 026 Gold, Hamburger Fernhochschule LIFESTYLE 034 Flowers, Varnholt Green with a system EATING AND DRINKING 040 Wine of the month, beer gardens HEALTHY AND FIT 048 Qi-Gong, care symposium, Isselhorster Nacht AUTOMOBILES 062 Toyota Verso, Peugeot 308 SW, Mercedes C-Class CULTURE 072 Godzilla, theater, town hall, literature EP: Electro Zimmer, Kökerstraße 6 8, Gütersloh, telephone () EDITORIAL FAIRTRADE Gütersloh is a »fairtrade town«. And now there is also a fair-trade Gütersloh city coffee that is roasted at Schenke. Of course, I don't know whether the coffee, which would be desirable, will also be transported across the Mediterranean by cargo ship. But there is actually a "fair" cargo sailor who travels across the Atlantic. In any case, »fairtrade« is an important and welcome initiative, the protagonists of which we have already presented several times in loose order from Gütersloh. Unfortunately, the topic and the associated problems do not yet seem to have reached the general public, which is not least due to the fact that these products are usually more expensive than comparable, actually unfairly traded products, and are generally considered exotic. But we must not forget that many producers are ultimately badly off because of our consumer behavior and our capitalist system. The traders and the food industry have only one interest: to earn as much money as possible. And to do this, they want to get as much money as possible from the consumer and pay the producer as little as possible. Christian Schröter IMPRINT The guetsel.de magazine appears monthly in its 19th year, is distributed in Gütersloh and the surrounding area, and is available as a PDF document. Editor (V. i. S. d. P.) Christian Schröter AGD Hohenzollernstraße Gütersloh Telephone () Fax () Mobile (01 72) Alpha Print Medien AG Kleyerstraße Darmstadt Media Consulting Benjamin Rogowski Mobile (01 79) Christine Wandert Mobile (01 70 ) Hans-Jörg Milse Mobil (01 72) PHOTO: SUSANNE CLEMENS, TITLE: PETRA HAJSKA guetsel.de may

4 TOTALLY LOCAL FAIRTRADE COFFEE COMPUTER HELP HOUSEHOLD IN PLUS There is a new Gütersloh Stadtkaffee that is fairly traded. School computers are inadequately looked after. The bottom line is a surplus of 2.3 million euros. Dr. Gerd Wixforth died in April at the age of 80 as a result of a traffic accident. WIXFORTH DIED Dr. Gerd Wixforth died in April of the consequences of an accident. "Working in a community foundation is a lot of fun and the great thing about it is that many people are passionate about it," said Dr. Gerd Wixforth expressed his commitment to the Gütersloh community foundation. And in fact he was with heart and persistence, with wisdom and expertise in the matter and one of the most formative »citizen donors«. Even after his death, the traces he leaves in his hometown will have an effect. To change the quality of life in Gütersloh in a positive way, he was committed to this until the end of his 80-year-old life. LIABILITY REVIEW The alleged double murderer remains in custody. At the end of April, it was decided at a detention appointment that the alleged double murderer of a Gütersloh doctor and her brother would remain in custody for the time being. According to prosecutor Christoph Mackel, he is said to have confessed to the bloody act of a fellow inmate. In addition, an earth bunker and a bicycle with which the suspect is said to have ridden to the crime scene is now being searched for. FOURTH PLACE Gütersloh formation takes fourth place in TAF championship. At the German TAF championship, the 66-strong Gütersloh formation from Sport and Ballet Neumann achieved fourth place with "el Circo". The winner was a formation from Limburg with "once upon a Wonderland". TAF (The Actiondance Federation of Germany) represents modern dances under the umbrella of DTV. KÖKERSTRASSE In addition to the »pheasant«, a new major project is to be created. The houses number 12 and 14 next to the "trommelpättken" on the Kökerstraße are to be demolished. At this point, Peter Oesterhelweg is planning a five million euro large project with condominiums at the beginning of next year. According to Oesterhelweg, the buildings are in a very poor condition as there has been no sustainable renovation. Plans and initial views are already available. MIELE PLANT INVESTMENT Miele is planning a new logistics center on the waste incineration plant. Miele intends to further expand the Gütersloh logistics location. For this purpose, the city has received a preliminary building request for a new building for the supply of spare parts in the Nordhorn / Edisonstraße area. However, this project is still subject to a change in the development plan and the finalization of the internal planning. The continuous growth means, among other things, that the importance of the location for the supply of spare parts and accessories is steadily increasing. Currently, among other things, around order items are picked here every day and packed into around parcels, which are then sent to Miele sales companies all over the world. NEW BROCHURE A new brochure provides information on leisure planning in the Gütersloh district. In the future, the residents and visitors of the Gütersloh district will find it much easier to plan their leisure time: The new brochure from pro Wirtschaft GT provides information on both well-known and previously less known excursion destinations and offers in the Gütersloh district. Under the title “Oh, how beautiful it is! Sights in the district of Gütersloh «the reader is offered a lot. Whether chivalrous, spooky, botanical, stately, modern, contemplative or fast: the 13 towns in the Gütersloh district have a lot to offer! The brochure is available free of charge from the towns and municipalities in the Gütersloh district and can also be obtained by telephone () or by to. QUARTERLY REPORT The personnel costs for the »culture rooms« are rising higher than expected. The quarterly economic report published by the “Kultur Raum” (cultural spaces), which was published publicly at the end of April, shows that they need more subsidies than planned for the first quarter. This is justified with higher personnel costs, since after the collective agreement there was an increase of 4.7 instead of the planned two percent. The “culture spaces” closed the past financial year with a loss of 3.89 million euros. It is supposed to be an ambassador for fair trade: The Schenke roastery was immediately inspired by the idea of ​​a fair trade city coffee. At the end of April, the Gütersloh Fairtrade Group was able to present the new coffee together with Mayor Maria Unger, Rolf Schenke and Jeannette Hölscher-Schenke as well as Gütersloher Marketing GmbH. It is a high-quality and tasty mocha that is also very suitable as a present: "A bit of fullness, plus spice, a light fruity acidity and the typical aroma of dark chocolate," enthuses Rolf Schenke. DELIVERY ROOM TO BE BUILT The new delivery room is expected to be ready for occupancy in autumn 2015. At the Gütersloh Clinic, construction work has begun on the new delivery room for the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics. To this end, the building of the left heart catheter measuring station on Reckenberger Strasse is being extended. Three new delivery rooms with state-of-the-art technology and a feel-good atmosphere are being built on around 600 square meters on the first floor. VOLKSHOCHSCHULE KÜRZT The VHS sets new priorities and shortens the lectures. The Gütersloh Adult Education Center is radically thinning out its range of lectures and individual events. For the coming season, only half as many lectures are planned as before. Instead, more emphasis should be placed on courses and seminars. According to Dr. Birgit Osterwald, director of the Gütersloh Adult Education Center, there is less and less demand for lectures and individual events. The schools in Gütersloh complain that it often takes far too long to fix computer problems and that the few system administrators in the city are overburdened. There are currently only two system supervisors working for the city, one of whom is seconded to the Evangelical-Stiftisches Gymnasium with half a position. The city is considering outsourcing the service. CITY BUS CONCEPT CDU and SPD support new city bus concept. At the beginning of May, the CDU and SPD agreed to a compromise, which consists of setting up a working group to develop framework guidelines for a new bus concept and to submit this to the committee for approval. The small factions reacted angrily. The new timetable, together with the changed lines, should come into force in the coming year. In particular, the clock sequence should generally be set to 30 minutes, the operating times should be from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from month to Friday. CONVERSION The city has signed a conversion agreement. As a first step towards the basic regulation of the cooperation for conversion, the city of Gütersloh and the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks have now concluded an agreement. This agreement applies to the Princess Royal Barracks and the Mansergh Barracks. The conversion of these military properties is seen as a joint, partnership-based task, which is expressed in a civilian re-use in joint goal development, organization and implementation. For the third year in a row, the city closed a fiscal year with a surplus. Chamberlain Christine Lang assumes this in a template. Originally the budget for 2014 provided for a deficit of 4.7 million euros, now the bottom line is a plus of 2.3 million euros. The original expectations had already been exceeded in the two previous years. For this year the administration is again expecting a minus of around six million euros. Administrative tasks should be put to the test. NO FRACKING The city rejects fracking, a council resolution is planned. The negative attitude of the city of Gütersloh towards fracking for the extraction of unconventional natural gas reserves is to be underpinned by a council resolution. The background to the discussion in Gütersloh is based on two proposals from the American oil multinational Exxon Mobil. BAN ON KILLING Gütersloh hatcheries are suing the ban on killing chicks. From January 1st of next year it will be forbidden to kill male chicken chicks after they hatch. According to the ministry, around one million one-day chicks are killed every year in the Gütersloh district. The hatcheries in the Gütersloh district, however, have now filed a lawsuit with the Minden Administrative Court. They fight back because killing is common worldwide and, in their opinion, there is no economic alternative to it. Most of the time, the animals are shredded and go to the animal carcass disposal facility, for example. Planning for the new Miele logistics center, for which the city has already received a preliminary building request 6 guetsel.de May 2014 PHOTOS: GÜTERSLOH CIVIL FOUNDATION, MIELE, GPR Locken now with the scent of fair trade coffee for more commitment in the Fairtrade city: Mayor Maria Unger, Rolf Schenke and the members of the Fairtrade steering group guetsel.de mai

5 TOTALLY LOCAL LETTERS TO THE READERS Perhaps, SMF, when you think of Meier's mill when you think of the water wheel, you think that it is far too complicated. It used to work too. A wooden construction with a power-transmitting shaft to which a generator can also be connected. In any case, it's getting embarrassing now. The problem of waste in playgrounds is apparently increasing. Cigarette butts, broken glass, paper cups, an old shoe. And that although the skilled workers of the building yard clean every day and the city pays euros for it every year. We are looking for »playground sponsors«. Perhaps it is more likely to be found than common sense in people who behave in such an anti-social manner. In April, the article on “Gütersloh in full bloom Eickhoff Green with a system”, of course, it must be called “Eickhoff Green Ideas”. It is strange that the alleged double murderer of a doctor from Gütersloh and her brother is still in custody. A fellow inmate can tell a lot, if the day is long you can hardly take it seriously. And according to the accused's lawyer, so far all the evidence and more have apparently not been invalidated. It is a little strange when prosecutor Mackel keeps talking about surprises that he still wants to have up his sleeve. What is preventing him from coming out with it? If the detainee is innocent and in this country the presumption of innocence applies until proven otherwise, the whole procedure of the public prosecutor and the police is unbearable. Sometimes there is talk of DNA traces under a broken fingernail, then suddenly it is said that the DNA trace was under an unbroken fingernail. The whole thing looks amateurish. As I said before: the police and the public prosecutor's office talk too much. There, comprehensive school high school graduates, we have to protect the Neue Westfälische for once: If an article mentions a group of “comprehensive school high school graduates”, then it is neither blanket stamping of anyone nor damage to reputation or even defamation. A “group of comprehensive school high school graduates” is expressly not all comprehensive school high school graduates, but rather just a more or less small group of them. Madness, Harsewinkel! A brand new app, financed by sponsors, with which you can get the Harsewinkler city map, provided by the Eckmann Graphical Institute, on your smartphone. And that with all roads, bike paths, green spaces, buildings and watercourses. And what's more: by »switching on the GPS signal« (more likely receiving several GPS signals, ie switching on the reception), the user can determine his or her current location on the map. Incredible. At last. But wait a minute, haven't all of that been around for a long time? Ever heard of Google Maps? Well, police! Will these neon yellow spray paints on the bike paths ensure that cyclists (sic!) No longer use the bike paths in the wrong direction? Hardly likely. Crazy people are not interested in traffic signs, so why should they be interested in such pictures? Fear of punishment is more likely to motivate them to behave correctly in traffic. And of course the knowledge that traffic rules also apply to cyclists (again, sic!). Strange! In German educational television there seems to be a kind of repetition compulsion to be observed in programs like "Familien im Brennpunkt", "Verklag mich noch!", "Richter Barbara Salesch" up to "Help me!" And similar pseudo-reality -TV- Machwerken: Every fact that is said must be repeated. "Mr. Müller is not there! How, Mr. Müller is not there? He went on vacation! How, did he go on vacation?" What how? Can you not be there in a certain way? Is that not wanting to be true of what has been said? A questioning of it? Or is this repetition necessary so that what has been said comes into consciousness at all? We suspect the latter. How do we suspect the latter? Hmmm, schools so you are dissatisfied with the IT support. Computer problems often take far too long to be resolved and city systems administrators are overwhelmed.How about the students? They are often more familiar with computers than anyone else? What if you let them go? Kudos once again go to the "green industry" in Gütersloh, Gütersloh Marketing GmbH, the advertising community and, above all, the sponsors who made it all possible in the first place: the park landscape on Berliner Platz was very beautiful again . And as always the question: Why can't Berliner Platz be converted into an inner-city park? There are enough reasons for this, but it is well known that if you want to find a way, if you don't want to, you will find reasons. What are we reading in the newspaper? Euro loss in the first three months? Shareholder contributions increased? Let's be honest: that doesn't sound good at all. Not to say: bad. Hopefully you'll get the curve again. Where's the sustainability? In 2010, Bertelsmann celebrated the opening of the “international Academy of Journalism” with Liz Mohn, Angela Merkel, José Manuel Barroso and guests. 36 journalists from 27 countries have been trained, a seven-figure sum has been invested, now »intajour« is ending again. It would be interesting to know why? In any case, none of this sounds particularly sustainable. And the freedom of the press is still severely or maximally restricted in many countries. Not bad, VHS! There is a workshop entitled “This is how the brain works better” with special exercises for the miracle of the brain: the more closely the brain is networked, the more flexible, efficient and relaxed are many activities and activities. According to the newspaper report, the target group of the workshop, in which the participants can learn how brain training can be done through movement, are people of all ages and everyone who is interested in new ideas to concentrate better, to be physically safer and more productive, and less stressful to work. But we would think of completely different target groups. Everything to do with barbecuing! You are like us! Join our team at the Weltmeistersparkasse. Grill Showroom at the B61 large grill assortment, gas, charcoal, electric BBQ smokers and ceramic grills huge selection of accessories from many manufacturers BBQ sauces, grill spices, smoked wood and marinades Barbecue seminars Gift vouchers and present baskets We have moved Grills, BBQ and accessories directly on the B61, Showroom Berliner Straße 504 (next to Somafit), Gütersloh Hotline (), Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Apply online at: S Sparkasse Gütersloh You can find a lot more information on all areas of education and training on the Internet at Contact person: Nadine Heublein, Human Resources / Training, Tel .: 0524 /, 8 guetsel.de may 2014 guetsel.de may

6 TOTAL LOCAL GÜTERSLOH industrial area RAVENNA-PARK Pure relaxation that is what the Gütersloh city park offers all year round to the many visitors. Cyclists, walkers, joggers, gardeners and many more appreciate the atmosphere of the spacious park in every season. Gütersloh's green living room is also the top figurehead when it comes to tourist offers in the city. But the city park and botanical garden not only offer recreation and living space to people, animals and plants also feel at home here in a variety that may surprise at first glance, but which is logical at second, because the facility also offers rare animal 10 guetsel.de May 2014 THE CITY PARK The Gütersloh city park is home to rare animals and plants. Scientific studies confirm the high ecological value of the popular green area ALSO THE NEUNTÖTER LIVES IN THE CITY PARK and plant species have enough development spaces. This has now also been confirmed by a scientific study commissioned by the Green Spaces Department of the City of Gütersloh. The expert opinion of the Hadasch-Meier-Starrach GbR Biotope Mapping Working Group from Herford certifies that the urban »gardeners« have taken care of the various areas to maintain and develop the species-rich flora. But also very different birds and bats have chosen the city park as their home. With the help of detectors and tree hollows, a total of seven bat species were identified, all of which are strictly protected under the Federal Nature Conservation Act. According to the study, it is "absolutely necessary" to leave as many old trees as possible in order to continue to ensure a comfortable climate for them. This creates more "living space" with the necessary caves. In addition, cautious lighting of the paths is recommended so as not to unnecessarily irritate the animals. A total of 43 bird species have been identified in the Gütersloh city park, 32 of them as breeding birds. They include five species that are strictly protected according to the Federal Nature Conservation Act. The Gütersloh city park is not only a home for rare animals, but is also very popular with Gütersloh residents: kingfisher, tawny owl, sparrowhawk, moorhen and green woodpecker have their home here. In addition, there are other bird species that are a bit more common, but show a sharply decreasing trend, such as the wagtail, goldhammer or house sparrow. Of the 260 plant species identified in the city park, 43 are classified as endangered in North Rhine-Westphalia alone. These include, for example, the broad-leaved orchid and the heather carnation in the orchard on Oststraße and the mean sundew in the ice meadow. In summary, the investigation area, which comprises 7.7 hectares, received the assessment "Level II occurrence of local importance" from the investigators. For the municipal department of green spaces, the result of the investigation is the incentive to continue to work on the protection of biodiversity in the city park. "We will implement the information given in the report in order to further increase the ecological value of the Gütersloh city park," promises Bernd Winkler , Head of the Green Spaces Department. A first step: the installation of further nesting boxes. The feathered residents of the city park will be pleased. PHOTOS: GPR In the Ravenna Park 14 months after the start of sales in February 2013, almost all of the spaces have been taken. The city of Gütersloh participated for the first time in an intermunicipal industrial park with 21 hectares. "With this, we as the city of Gütersloh were able to make an important contribution to business development and economic development," said Mayor Maria Unger. Mainly large companies will create new jobs on the 35 hectare building site. This means that the major project is already a complete success. During an advisory board meeting, project manager Jürgen Keil, head of the planning, building and environment department in Hall's town hall, presented his preliminary assessment to the mayors of Gütersloh, Halle and Werther and their business supporters: Gerry Weber AG broke ground for its new logistics center , wants to build square meters of usable space by the end of it. Hymmen Industrieanlagen GmbH is planning the relocation of large parts of its mechanical engineering from Brackwede, Bielefeld and Herford to Künsebeck in three construction phases. Eriks Deutschland GmbH, a globally networked supplier and service provider for many industrial sectors, is planning a new German headquarters with an attached warehouse and service base for the region. And the clinic service provider Keppel GmbH plans to relocate to Halle in March 2015. As far as we know today, the companies will invest up to 200 million euros in Ravenna Park and thus create new jobs. "Ravenna Park will make a strong contribution to securing work and prosperity in the Gütersloh district," said Maria Unger, chairwoman of the advisory board. She thanked the companies for their courage to invest and wished them the best of luck with the construction and later operation. Business developer Rainer Venhaus pointed out that the city of Gütersloh had contributed 38 percent to the project costs of the industrial area. The proceeds and income are distributed accordingly. Werther's mayor Marion Weike was delighted: »We have brought our own potential space into the intermunicipal industrial area because we cannot identify suitable areas for businesses of this size due to the topography in Werther. That is a great help to Werther, especially since we have an eight percent share in the tax revenue «. Linked to this was a thank you to Jürgen Keil's team in Hall's town hall: “With many years of preparatory work and great commitment, you have made Ravenna Park a success over the past 24 months. They can be proud of that. "" A thousand new jobs mean an increase of around ten percent for Halle. These people will help all around in all cities to maintain the infrastructure, «said Halle's mayor Anne Rodenbrock-Wesselmann. She used the advisory board meeting to express her thanks to the landowners and neighbors. “Without the participation of many, these plans would not have come about.” She also expressly thanked them for criticism: “I am sure that together we would be the best for all Have found their way «. As things stand at present, there are only square meters of free building land in the north-west corner of the site in Ravenna Park, after two further plots with a total size of square meters have already been reserved. Project manager Jürgen Keil is currently trying to get the green light from the district government in Detmold for further consolidation Hennig Schulz, Maria Unger, Rainer Venhaus, Anne Rodenbrock-Wesselmann, Guido Neugebauer, Jürgen Keil and Maria Weike PHOTO: GPR ROLF SCHENKE MARIA UNGER Maria meets ROLF SCHENKE It's so easy to fool Rolf Schenke when it comes to coffee. After all, the delicatessen company Schenke in Gütersloh has been known as a roasting company for fine beans for several generations. Now the Schenkes are once again breaking new ground in the coffee business and this in a double sense: On May 1st, Rainer Schenke reopened the Palmenhauscafé in the Botanical Garden as the new leaseholder. Rolf Schenke presented a “fair city coffee”, a joint project of the Gütersloh Fairtrade Group, together with Gütersloh Marketing and the city of Gütersloh. “Fair coffee has everything a good coffee needs,” enthuses Rolf Schenke about the creation You can also buy it from Gütersloh Marketing, among others. "A bit of fullness, plus spice, a light fruity acidity and the typical aroma of dark chocolate." And he adds: "Coffee is neither a thirst-quencher nor a keeper". One can agree with that, but anyone who talks shop with Rolf Schenke about coffee quickly realizes one thing: For him it is passion and, of course, pure enjoyment. This is certainly true for the Yirgacheffe mocha from a small farmer's cooperative in Ethiopia, which is produced according to Fairtrade criteria and organically grown in forest gardens. The general Fairtrade criteria include: fair prices for producers, a Fairtrade premium for social projects, an additional premium for organic production, no child labor. For the city of Gütersloh, which received the Fairtrade Town certificate in 2012, these are the prerequisites for the joint project, which once again advertises fair production and fair trade with a popular and widespread product. Of course there are other products that meet these criteria. That is why I am happy to promote the address at this point where you can find out more about the initiative, its members and the products. Or you can contact Gisela Kuhlmann from the environmental consultancy of the city of Gütersloh, who is also happy to coordinate the Fairtrade Group, for a Fairtrade cup of coffee. guetsel.de may

7 TOTALLY LOCAL GÜTERSLOH City of Gütersloh YOUTH PARLIAMENT PROMOTES ELECTION Local elections? What's that? ”Information about elections can be very entertaining. This is now proven by a video that a group of members of the youth parliament shot. On You Tube and the website of the Youth Parliament you can access the varied contribution, the aim of which is to get as many young people as possible to the ballot box, especially first-time voters. Content-related political statements are deliberately avoided because the »jupa« sees itself as a non-partisan representation of interests. The youth parliamentarians themselves wrote and implemented the script for the short film. Alina Khalil leads through a complex topic very confidently and sympathetically. But the »ju-pis« are not afraid of any question. From the candidates to the allocation of seats, everything is very comprehensible. A gain in knowledge not only for young voters. THE GÜTERSLOHER YOUTH PARLIAMENT OBJECTIVES, PROGRAMS, RESULTS »Young people are equal members of society. Since this does not always and everywhere correspond to reality, we as the Gütersloh Youth Parliament want to represent the interests of young people in our city and make them public. This mandate is also formulated in our articles of association. It is our self-image to motivate young people to stand up for their own interests in the youth parliament, but also outside of it. The selection of our topics is done independently and responsibly by the members of the youth parliament «, say the members of the Gütersloh youth parliament. More information about the Gütersloh Youth Parliament on the Internet at PHOTO: GPR PHOTO: GPR AGREEMENT IS SIGNED Mayor Maria Unger, Dr. Gerald Brummund and Bernd Grotefeld have now signed a conversion agreement. As a first step towards the basic regulation of cooperation for conversion, the city of Gütersloh and the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks (BimA) have now concluded an agreement. This agreement relates to the two locations of the Princess Royal Barracks, Marienfelder Strasse, and the Mansergh-Barracks, Verler Strasse. The conversion of these military properties is seen as a joint, partnership-based task that manifests itself in a civilian re-use in joint goal development, organization and implementation. In the conversion process, both parties are guided by the urban development and structural policy goals of the city as well as the exploitation interests of the BimA. The obligation to cooperate and trustful cooperation refers to the conversion areas as a contribution to the satisfaction of the communal needs, to the first regulations in dealing with contaminated sites as well as to the obligation to civic participation. The agreement also includes the approximately 350 British apartments that are in the hands of BimA. The city of Gütersloh has been granted initial access rights to these properties. The Federal Agency usually agrees common rules with all cities and municipalities involved in the conversion process. The town council of Gütersloh approved the signing at its April meeting. With a unanimous decision, the property committee also paved the way for the future of the approximately around residential units in the urban area, which will become available with the departure of the British. He commissioned the administration to develop an action plan for the city of Gütersloh to deal with the buildings inhabited by the British armed forces. The private administrators and owners in total are around 650 residential units - according to the resolution, they should be asked to create transparency about further development strategies. The city of Gütersloh is available as a network partner who can open up usage strategies with his knowledge of local conditions. Mayor Maria Unger, Dr. Gerald Brummund and Bernd Grotefeld (both BimA) at the signing In conversation: The trainees of the city of Gütersloh describe their experiences and previous impressions that they were able to collect with the city of Gütersloh VOCATIONAL TRAINING Many (training) paths lead to the city administration: The city of Gütersloh presented itself at this year's career information exchange and met with a tremendous response. The response was tremendous: Thousands of schoolchildren and school leavers from the region used the career information exchange in the Gütersloh town hall on May 10 to find out about the various training options. As it has done for more than ten years, the Gütersloh city administration presented itself at the career information exchange with its own stand and presented the various training professions. A new trend was particularly evident in the training for educators. Anyone who decides to become an educator chooses an exciting, colorful and varied job. It is considered a classic female profession. But the development of the job profile shows that many daycare centers in Germany are increasingly relying on male educators to meet the needs of children. The change in the teaching profession is obviously making many boys curious. Exactly this trend was also evident at the booth of the Gütersloh city administration: "A lot of young men have already found out about training as educators," says Lothar Künkler, head of training for the city of Gütersloh. There was also strong demand for information on the other training professions at the city. The prospective administrative clerks and Bachelors of Laws were available to answer questions and, after the interview, invited them to take the recruitment test.Many students took advantage of the opportunity to test their knowledge and receive feedback immediately afterwards. The tables were consistently well occupied: »It's fun to be able to give the kids an insight into the occupations that are being trained. So choosing a career after school is definitely a little easier for many, «explains Patrick Gaigalat, prospective administrative clerk at the city of Gütersloh. Laptops were set up right next door, on which two typical case studies from the administration could be worked on by the students: the cost calculation for a fictitious fire brigade operation after an oil breakdown of a car and the determination of the need for a student ticket. The educators had set up experiments and brought books with them that presented their work. In addition, they made it clear to the colleagues who might be of the future how much their job has to do with imparting knowledge. Anyone who has got the taste can apply until August 15, 2014 for the 2015 apprenticeship year. Employment requirements and further information on the individual training professions at the city of Gütersloh can be found on the Internet under ausbildung. guetersloh.de, if you have any questions, training manager Lothar Künkler can contact you by phone () or by email. The administrative clerks Jessica Schwarz and Patrick Gaigalat have recorded their experiences in a flyer. PHOTOS: GPR 12 guetsel.de may 2014 guetsel.de may

8 TOTAL LOCAL Advertisement KREIS GÜTERSLOH THEATERKASSE In the »service center«, Gütersloh Marketing GmbH offers not only the box office and subscription sales, but also a nationwide and local ticket service with appropriate, qualified advice. In the “ServiceCenter” on Berliner Straße, Gütersloh Marketing GmbH offers nationwide ticket sales and also ticket sales for various schools and cultural associations such as the municipal music school, the Bach choir or the Westphalian Chamber Philharmonic: “We are now working in addition to our previous nationwide ticket systems also with Reservix (adticket) and thus offer you even more service in the area of ​​ticketing «, says Hanne Heudtlass. Subscription sales for the 2014/2015 season will start on Saturday, May 17th. The ServiceCenter is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on this day. Until April 30th, the previous subscription holders had the opportunity to cancel their subscription and to notify any requests for changes, which the gtm staff will accept and process. On average, there are 30 phone calls a day with requests for changes. Around 20 changes will be communicated in writing by SINGLE TICKETS PRESALE AT GTM FROM JULY 14, SUBSCRIPTION FROM MAY 17, post, fax or. Gütersloh Marketing GmbH is the service provider for the “cultural spaces“ Gütersloh. ”There are still places available in all subscription series. However, there are very popular rows where space can quickly become tight. We try to make all wishes possible, but we can only do so within the framework of the possibilities «, says Hanne Heudtlass. The sale of single tickets for the new theater season 2014/2015 starts on June 14th. There are still free ticket contingents for all events. If the wait at the start of sales takes a little longer, the "service center" of Gütersloh Marketing GmbH at Berliner Straße 63 offers numerous additional services. In order to enable even faster processing, three ticket workstations are occupied in parallel on this day. A drinks service with cold and warm drinks, delicious cookies and seating options shorten the waiting time. Photos by the well-known Gütersloh photographer Detlef Güthenke can be admired in a slideshow on a monitor. In addition to informative brochures, there are also specimens of the books sold in the “service center” of Gütersloh Marketing GmbH, such as “Was für ein Theater” or “The Great War?” By Christian Schröter. Anyone looking for a gift idea is well advised to use gift vouchers for the theater. The employees of Gütersloh Marketing GmbH are available as competent contact persons for all questions about subscriptions and single tickets and are happy to take the time for detailed advice. The tickets are not only available from the gtm, but also from the webshop on the Gütersloh Theater website. Gütersloh Marketing GmbH, Berliner Straße 63, Gütersloh, telephone (), fax, Mon, Fri, a.m., Sat, a.m., District Administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer thanked you for a total of 125 years in the public service were the five anniversaries who were invited to a small ceremony by District Administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer on the occasion of their 25 years in the public service. "You meet them everywhere," noted District Administrator Adenauer. As the caretaker of the Gütersloh district building, Hubert Handing is known to almost all employees. Whether in the corridors, in the meeting rooms and offices, in the underground car park or by the pond: "I keep things tidy," said Handing. The Rietberger has been working for the Gütersloh district since 1990, initially as a gardener and since 2005 as a caretaker. Handing was a member of the staff council for more than 20 years, including five years as deputy chairman until 2012. He is still an important point of contact for employees and managers in the Gütersloh district. Karin Böhner can be described as a veteran of the road traffic department. After her training as an administrative clerk, she has been working in the admissions office since 1989. Martina Köhler can also be described as a psychological talent. The social worker has been working at the Gütersloh district since 1990, initially in the social services office, and in the youth, family and social services department for almost 20 years. "Sometimes you almost have to do pastoral work," reported Franz-Josef Schnieders with a wink. As a trade inspector, he works in the area of ​​pollution control in the building, living and pollution department. Ulrich Elfers is a luminary in his field. As a traffic engineer, he has been responsible for the planning and switching of traffic lights in the Gütersloh district in the road traffic department since 1992. The master car company for your car! Gütersloh Marketing GmbH offers theater subscriptions and tickets for individual events in the »service center«. PHOTOS: GÜTERSLOH MARKETING GMBH Car accident damage at a fixed price Car repairs of all kinds Air conditioning service inspections / TÜV / AU Bosch engine diagnosis LPG retrofitting Paint and dell doctor Verler Straße Gütersloh Telephone guetsel.de May 2014 guetsel.de May

9 TOTAL LOCAL advertisement Elvan Korkmaz did a one-day internship at ASH Unemployment Self-Help SCHNUPPERTAG At the end of April, Elvan Korkmaz, SPD district administrator, visited the Gütersloh unemployment self-help on Vollrath-Müller-Strasse as part of her »future tour through the Gütersloh district«. With blue work trousers and safety shoes, she completed a one-day internship and was able to get a good impression of the work at ASH in the carpentry, painting, woodworking and recycling department. »I am absolutely impressed by the work and the people here. There are just so many different and interesting areas. My goal is to take a piece of reality from my internship with me into my work as a politician and to improve problems over the long term, ”says Korkmaz. At the new location on Vollrath-Müller-Strasse, ASH looks after over 100 trainees in around ten training occupations as well as around 100 young people in the field of career preparation and also offers important career guidance for career finders. The association has a success rate of almost 100 percent and thus underlines its importance in our society. ”At ASH, we take people by the hand. In many cases, regular meals are virtually unknown. The mere understanding of getting up early in the morning and going to work regularly is often simply not there. We have even set up a wake-up service for this. We also look after young people and adults with drug or alcohol problems professionally and try to give them a healthy and responsible everyday life «, says Wolfgang Terwey, managing director of the unemployment self-help Gütersloh. After a two-year renovation phase, Gütersloh unemployed self-help presented its new central location on Vollrath-Müller-Strasse in Gütersloh in December last year as part of an “open house”. In addition to easy accessibility, the focus is on the expanded space for many different offers and services with a total area of ​​now square meters and the skills now concentrated in one place, which saves a lot of time, and an own canteen. ”The new location is a simple calculation for us: Well-equipped rooms plus good staff plus a feel-good atmosphere plus bright rooms equal successful work, "says Wolfgang Terwey." In Gütersloh unemployment self-help, we have been organizing employment programs and projects for more than 20 years. From ecological construction to all-glass recycling to the operation of the dishwasher at public and private events, we have carried out projects in the past that were of great benefit to the city of Gütersloh and its citizens. Even today, the project criteria are employment effectiveness, benefit for the general public and environmental protection. Many job seekers need a phase of orientation or qualification in order to optimize their own skills and opportunities. «The primary goal of the association is to create and implement meaningful, employment-effective projects for the unemployed in order to stabilize their personal and social life situation through work. It is the express aim of the measures to prepare those affected for work in the labor market. Unemployment self-help Gütersloh e. V., Vollrath-Müller-Straße 3 13, Gütersloh, phone (), fax, further information on the Internet under PHOTOS: BENJAMIN ROGOWSKI Elvan Korkmaz gained experience in the carpentry of the unemployed self-help with blue dungarees. Her candidates for the city council: Elvan Korkmaz Your district administrator candidate. Constituency 010 Peter Jost constituency 020 Ann Katrin Brambrink constituency 030 Annette Kornblum constituency 040 Matthias Trepper constituency 050 Dennis Selent constituency 060 Ingrid Schrader constituency 070 Martin Goecke constituency 080 Karl Koch constituency 090 Dr. Siegfried Bethlehem constituency 100 Thomas Ostermann constituency 110 Volker Richter constituency 120 Carsten Engelbrecht constituency 130 Jael Rachel Räker constituency 140 Dr. Thomas Krümpelmann constituency 150 Christa Kockentiedt constituency 160 Susanne Kohlmeyer constituency Gütersloh constituency 170 Eckhard Möller constituency 180 Elvan Korkmaz SPD citizens' office Hohenzollernstrasse Gütersloh Tel / constituency 190 Annette Gocht constituency 200 Sabine Hollmann Falk constituency 210 Irwin Conrad Subryan elect electoral district 220 May 25, 2014 constituency Ilskens 220 walk! Local election May 25, 2014 go to vote! 16 guetsel.de may 2014 guetsel.de may

10 SHOOTING SPEXARD DATES Spexarder Verein Shooting with the Spexarder Sportschützenverein at the Neuenkirchener Strasse shooting range May 12-23, Neuenkirchener Strasse shooting range Learn to dance for all ages! SENIOR EXCURSION Senior excursion by Caritas St. Brother Konrad. Caritas is more than an organization. It is a basic attitude towards people, especially towards people in need. It has its roots in Jesus' love for people. Like him, she wants to meet people with love and respect, regardless of nation, status or denomination, and that worldwide. Tuesday, May 20th FIRE BRIGADE FESTIVAL Fire brigade festival of the Spexard volunteer fire brigade on the Spexarder fairground May 31st to June 1st, fairground Bruder- Konrad-Straße BICYCLE TOUR Spring-like bicycle tour of the rural women’s association from the Spexard farmhouse Wednesday, June 4th, 2 p.m., Spexard farmhouse, Lukasstraße 14 DAY TRIP Day trip with children of the Catholic women of Germany St. Brother Konrad Tuesday, June 10th RIDING TOURNAMENT Horse tournament of the Spexarder Reiterverein at Hof Frenz on Rothaarweg 11th to 15th June, Hof Frenz, Rothaarweg GIRLS CUP 13th Walter Stickling girls -Cup of the Spexard sports club on the Spexard sports facility on the Bruder-Konrad-Strasse 14 and 15 June, the Bruder-Konrad-Strasse sports facility, AK SOCIAL ROOM Meeting of the social room working group in the Matthäus parish hall of Spexard Monday, June 16, 8 p.m., Matthäus parish hall The team of the fire brigade of the volunteer fire brigade won the "game without borders" game without borders SPORTFEST IN SP for the second time EXARD With the game without borders, the four-day Spexarder Sportfest experienced a worthy end to the family Sunday. The victory was won for the second time in a row by the team of the Spexard fire brigade of the volunteer fire brigade. The team from the volleyball department with the "tie-wearers" took second place. "That was a close result after a great competition," said moderator Norbert Meiertoberens at the award ceremony in the marquee. After nine positions, Daniel Mertens, Dennis Degener, Manuel Eickhoff, Susann Lang, Manuel Hemel and Jan Hollenhorst won for the “blaurocket” team. “We managed to defend our title,” said Jan Hollenhorst after the trophy was handed over. The individual competitions were not just about speed. In archery, accuracy was required. At the end of the competition between the teams, a potato had to be transported over a short distance with another potato hanging on a string. PHOTOS: MARKUS SCHUMACHER New courses from now on! Couples courses, wedding courses, youth courses, hip hop, children, senior courses, Zumba and Bokwa for beginners and advanced learners Zumba party June 22nd, private courses in groups of friends Inexpensive parking in the dance school car park: Entrance to the Kirchstrasse car park Gift vouchers available at any time! Online registrations possible at any time! Request our brochure free of charge! PROCESSION Corpus Christi procession of the Catholic Pastoral Association from the Brother Konrad Church. The Feast of Corpus Christi is a solemn festival in the church year of the Catholic Church, with which the bodily presence of Jesus Christ in the sacrament of the Eucharist is celebrated. Sunday, June 22nd, 9:00 am, Bruder-Konrad-Kirche, Spexard SUMMER ASSEMBLY Summer meeting of the Schützenbruderschaft Sankt-Bruder-Konrad Spexard Sunday, June 22nd, 6:00 pm, Spexarder Krug, Verler Straße DATES CALENDAR The dates are always up-to-date on the Internet 18 guetsel.de may 2014 COUNTRY TEAM Werner Kuzinna, Anton von Oppenkowski, Eckhard Jagalla and Marianne Bartnik Putting up the maypole and dancing in May was not a tradition for the Germans in East Prussia. The Landsmannschaft of East Prussia has now written this custom on their flags on the Spexard maypole their coat of arms has been emblazoned since May 1. "We are very closely connected to Spexard and want to belong," said Marianne Bartnik from the Landsmannschaft. Bartnik stayed at the Spexard farmhouse with her executive team and the Spexard associations and institutions. The place for the coat of arms had become free after the war comradeship was dissolved: "It is a great honor that we can be there now," says Marianne Bartnik happily. Tanzschule Stüwe-Weissenberg Kirchstrasse Gütersloh Telephone () Fax () guetsel.de May