Does he remember me or does he miss me

5 tips: this is how you can make sure that he misses you, even if he would never admit it!

Why do you just let this be done to you ...

He decides when you write and spend time together?

This has an end now! With these 5 brilliant tips he will miss you and long to share every second with you!

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# 1 Take care of yourself first!

Of course it sounds strange that you should think of yourself first ... after all, you really want to conquer it for yourself, but men work very differently than we women.

Men are like little children ... They see a toy that is not theirs and want it.

For a certain time, they also have fun and they lovingly look after their newfound treasure.

After a while, however, they just get bored and forget how much fun they had with their toys.

You are not a toy! You have to show him that he can't always have you at your fingertips. If you give him too much too quickly, he will just put you down and forget you.

Take care of yourself first and assign him (first) only the role of 2nd violin in your life.

Meet up with your friends, try to be successful professionally, and spend time with your family.

He will go crazy for you because he really has to fight for you and every second of time with you is incredibly precious.

So he will quickly miss you and you can sit back and enjoy his ensnaring!

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# 2 Be happy and show it off too!

Isn't it fast enough for your crush to get back to you? Here is the absolute super booster for missing things:

Use your social media profiles to post photos of yourself that show you happy and independent!

For example, from an evening with your friends, after the next visit to the hairdresser or a great smile over a Becker coffee. He's going to go crazy for you!

You have to post pictures that absolutely blow him away, because one thing is for sure, he will check your profiles, whether he is texting you or not.

He is reminded every day what a beautiful woman you are and how great your life and everyday life are. He wants to be a part of it and he will show you that too!

# 3 He has to be able to wait sometimes too

Even if you have him on the hook, let him fidget a little. Because it will, he finally did to you and made sure that you only thought of him more.

We now use this effect for you!

If he texts you or likes a picture of you, you have to be cool with him.

Oh, I didn't see that at all ... I was way too busy, sorry ...

First he will get angry: A woman who moves him? There's no such thing, that's my role ...

But as soon as he notices that you can get along well without him, you have settled in his head and he will not give a second of his thoughts to someone else.

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# 4 A man needs treats

Men often think too simply and are superficial. Even if you heed the points above, you can turn his head another 180 °!

Try to see photos, voice messages, or ambiguous messages as a kind of treat. After all, you don't get it just like that, you have to do something for it!

Pay attention to how you present yourself in photos. Send him photos that don't show everything right away. Let his imagination work for him. So he thinks about you and your body and paints the most beautiful paintings in front of his eyes.

Be a little tight with your attention and you will notice how you wrap it around your finger piece by piece.

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# 5 The right compliment works wonders

Even if they don't want to admit it, men like compliments.

They gladly accept one or the other polish of their ego and are inwardly happy that they value a woman next to their mother.

Take advantage of that for yourself!

Find out in which areas the guy may be a little insecure or need a little motivational boost and give him a nice compliment.

His heart will jump a little higher and you won't get out of his head. Sometimes love can be that simple.

And now, don't waste any time! Use these 5 brilliant tips and he will miss you with all his heart. Enjoy it!

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