Why is math everything

Why math is (almost) everything

As an applied mathematician, I see mathematics first and foremost as a practical tool to understand our complex world. Mathematical models can be useful in everyday situations and do not have to contain hundreds of boring equations or lines of computer code. Mathematics, reduced to the essentials, are patterns.

In this book we will see that mathematics has something important to say on many subjects. Instead of just pointing out where math can pop up everywhere, I'll equip you with simple math rules and tools that can be useful in everyday life, whether it's about getting the best seat on the train or keeping one cool Keep your head if your doctor gives you an unexpected test result.

I'll show you simple ways to avoid numerical errors, and we'll get our hands smeared with printer's ink when it comes to making the numbers behind the headlines transparent. We'll also take a closer look at the math behind personal genetic testing, and watch math in action when it comes to what can be done to stop the spread of a deadly disease.

As you have hopefully realized by now, this is not a math book. And it's not a book for mathematicians either. You won't find a single formula on these pages. The aim of the book is not to bring back memories of the math class in school that you may have given up many years ago. But on the contrary.

I firmly believe that math is for everyone and that we can all appreciate the wonderful math at the heart of the complex phenomena that surround us in everyday life.