How to Find Divorce Records

Divorce documents: which documents do you need for the legal separation?

A divorce can mean a lot of organizational work. Not only do the spatial situation and the care of any children have to be regulated. Securing all relevant documents is also an important step, because these are needed for the divorce. But which documents are relevant for the divorce?

The most important things in a nutshell: Documents required for the divorce

  • Your Divorce attorney best to say.
  • Among the most important Information that the lawyer and court need, includes personal information about the spouses and, if applicable, common children, the marriage, the year of separation and the net earnings and assets.
  • To the main divorce papers include the marriage certificate, the legal power of attorney, forms for the pension adjustment and, if applicable, the marriage contract.
  • At minor children their birth certificates must also be submitted.

Detailed information on the Divorce papers you will find below.

What documents are required for the divorce?

Divorce form and application for divorce

If you don't know what to do with the divorce papers, ask your lawyer!

In Germany prevails for divorce Compulsory lawyer. Without at least one lawyer it is not possibleto get a divorce. The real one Divorce petition therefore the lawyer of the divorcee submits to the court.

If the divorce lawyer wants to file for divorce, he needs it Documents and information from the couple. Which information this specifically contains depends heavily on the Individual case from.

However, it can't hurt that Prepare divorce papers, especially if you want a quick divorce. The following information is required in any case:

  • Personal Information: Names of the spouses, current address (es) and last joint address
  • Place and date of the civil marriage
  • Marriage certificate number
  • Which of the partners apply for divorce?
  • approval the other spouse for divorce
  • beginning of Year of separation
  • Current Net earnings both spouses
  • Common and personal capital both spouses
Many law firms hold appropriate Forms for the divorce papers ready. It is also common for internet divisions to use the Divorce papers online to the lawyer to submit. This is particularly time-saving.

Apply for divorce: Documents required

If you can still get along well, the documents for the divorce can also be found together.

For the information that the spouses transmit to the lawyer or the court, usually appropriate evidence needed. It does not matter whether it is a consensual or a litigation divorce - in the case of the latter, however, it may be necessary for the spouses to be further divorce papers request and submit.

The divorce is imminent. Which documents are required depends a lot on the individual requirements of each married couple dependent. Basically are the following evidence to provide:

  • marriage certificate or stud book (certified copy)
  • Official forms for the Pension adjustment
  • Power of attorney for the lawyer
  • Possibly. Marriage settlement or an agreement on the consequences of divorce
  • If necessary, appropriate forms for the approval of Legal aid

Children together: Special divorce papers

Are out of the marriage childrenemerged who are currently still minors, the parents must submit further documents for the divorce. This includes information about their Names, with which parent the children will live, whether the Handling is regulated with the other parent and there are agreements on the Child supportgives.

For underage children, the divorce papers are also theirs Birth certificates to add.

Divorce papers: list as download

In order not to lose sight of the most important documents, you can download a List of essential divorce papers Download as PDF or DOC.

Download this checklist free of charge

If you don't want to forget any important divorce documents, you can download the checklist here free of charge.

In the event of a divorce, there are so many documents to get hold of that it can be quick lost track can go. You can use this checklist to prevent that from happening check off all important points and are optimally prepared.

Thus, you cannot forget any important documents and the divorce should run smoothly.

Download checklist as PDF Download checklist as DOC

Note, howeverthat this is just the most important documents are for divorce. In individual cases, these may differ or more papers are added. Discuss with your Divorce attorneywhich documents you specifically need for the court.

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Divorce documents: which documents do you need for the legal separation?
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