Which is better between 5000mah and 4000mah

Smartphones with a long battery life: Our winners in 2021

For many users, nothing works without a smartphone. Almost all of life can be managed with them. It is all the more important that the mobile companions offer the longest possible runtime. More and more smartphones are equipped with a battery with 3000 mAh or more. Models with over 4000 mAh or even 5000 mAh are also offered. However, a high-capacity battery does not always mean a long battery life. Because large, bright and, above all, high-resolution displays put a strain on the device's batteries, as do apps, internet interfaces and other wireless connections that synchronize in the background.

The best in the cell phone test:
In the course of the changeover to the current mobile phone test procedure, teltarif.de has developed its own battery test, which simulates surfing the Internet, performing calculations and watching videos in a continuous loop at a display brightness of 200 cd / m². This determines how long a fully charged battery needs to be completely empty. Some of the smartphones we have tested since then turned out to be particularly durable in this test. They ran for over 9 hours in continuous operation, with some models cracking the 10 and 11 hour mark. One model stood out in particular and lasted almost 17 hours.

In our overview we show our 10 battery winners 2021 in ascending order. Click on the embedded image to switch to the next model.

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