How can I cum like a porn star

Cum Like a Porn Star: How to Shoot a Powerful Load every Time

You've seen it in porn, but probably in question if it's even possible. Can someone really cum like that? Yes. Here's how to cum like a pornstar.

Let's face it, probably 99% of us have watched porn for pleasure. Personally, I can't watch porn because I'm losing interest, but I know a lot of people who make a living from it. But other than that, I've watched a couple of porn videos where the man and woman both come like there's no tomorrow and honestly, I was impressed.

But after seeing that, I got curious. Are porn stars the only ones who can? Do you have a special gift that we, non-pornstars, don't have?

How to cum like a pornstar - 11 tips that work

Anyone can come like a porn star, you just have to work it. And if you already masturbate regularly, why not work on making your sperm as strong as possible? I mean, it's a pretty nice ego boost, am I right?

Now it's your turn to come like a porn star. Here are some tips.

# 1 hydrate. The amount of water you drink each day is actually linked to the amount of semen released during orgasm. Why? Because the semen is water based, and that helps push the sperm out.

So, make sure to increase your water intake and you will find that you will be able to increase your ejaculation and sperm like a porn star. Be careful with alcohol because it dries out your body, so your sperm won't be as strong after you hit the bar. In some cases, that might be a good thing ...

# 2 You don't have to masturbate all the time. You are young, you are sexual, so it is normal that you enjoy masturbating on a daily basis. However, if you masturbate every day, you will lose a solid part of your sperm. So by not masturbating or having sex you will be adding to your count.

Try not to touch yourself for a day or two and you will notice how great your burden will be afterward. It's only been two days, you won't die.

# 3 exercise. I'll talk about the importance of Kegel exercises later, but aside from Kegels, you need to work on the rest of Kegels as well. Men who are physically active have higher sperm counts than inactive men.

Why? Because physical activity increases testosterone ... drum roll please ... increases sperm levels. You don't have to look like Arnold, but lifting weights a few times a week doesn't hurt.

# 4 Stay away from the heat. I know you love your hot tub, but this thing isn't helping you a bit. Stay away from heat. I'm not saying never to use a hot tub or sauna, but don't be over the top. Also, if you can, try to sleep naked so you have solid airflow. If you can avoid warming your testicles, do this.

# 5 Cut back the liquor. If you go to the pub after work and have a few beers, that's okay. However, you should know that because alcohol affects your liver function, it increases your estrogen levels as a result. Now everyone has estrogen in their body, both men and women.

However, when you are a man you want more testosterone. Try to limit your alcohol consumption and you will see increases in your libido and sperm load.

# 6 Supplement support. You need to give your body the right nutrients to increase your sperm count. Try supplements that are high in antioxidants, folic acid, zinc, and vitamins B12 and C. These are the top supplements that are essential for your sperm. You want them to be strong marksmen, right? Then you have to support them.

# 7 Practice these kegel exercises. You need to train your pc muscle. Your PC * pubococcygeus * muscle is vital in your sex life. You should do kegel exercises that will prevent premature ejaculation, enlarge semen, extend your orgasm, and keep your prostate healthy.

So, take a few minutes, maybe while watching TV, and do your kegel exercises. You will notice a difference when you cum.

# 8 Say no to panties. Mark Wahlberg looked hot in his Calvins, but they were pretty tight. Sure, they're sexy, but they'll crush your testicles and raise the temperature. You don't want it to be hot down there. Why? Heat kills sperm. So, keep a nice flow of air in your pants and you will keep your sperm and semen levels high.

# 9 Be careful of what you eat. I know you eat McDonald's, but it's really not good for you. First, it's unhealthy. Second, your sperm will be affected by your poor diet. When you stick to a clean diet, you fill your sperm with the antioxidants it needs to suck it off.

You should eat more foods like plums, apples, artichokes, and berries if you want to cum more.

# 10 Quit smoking. If your mom didn't bother you to get you to quit, then the fact that it affects your sperm should do the trick. Men who smoke tend to have decreased sperm counts compared to non-smokers. Why? Because it upsets the balance of proteins in your testicles. You want these proteins to be balanced for healthy and strong sperm.

# 11 stress management. When you are stressed you may find it difficult to get aroused, which makes sense because you have bodily functions. Interestingly, when you're stressed out, your hormones are affected, which affects the way your body produces testosterone.

If you don't know what testosterone is, it's an important factor in sperm production. If you are not producing the required testosterone levels, you will no longer be able to increase your load.

And you thought there was a quick and easy way to masturbate yourself like a porn star. Nuh sorry, but it's a lifestyle change. Good luck!