A phone number is required for Hangouts

Google Hangouts: This is how you make phone calls using the desktop app on your computer


In addition to VoIP calls, Google Hangouts also enables calls to international landline and mobile networks. Compared to competitor Skype, these calls are extremely cheap, and sometimes even completely free of charge. In addition to using your smartphone and tablet, you can also make calls on your computer. We'll explain how it works.

For just one cent per minute, you can call many landline and mobile networks in Europe, America and Asia with Google Hangouts. Telephone calls to the USA and Canada are even completely free of charge. If you want to use these rates, you can initiate calls on your own device via the Internet, either via smartphone, tablet or computer.

While using the Hangouts app on Android and iOS is quite simple, starting calls in Google's Chrome extension is unfortunately a bit more complicated. In this tutorial we would like to bring you closer to the procedure on the computer step by step.

Book credit

  1. 1

    To make phone calls, you have to purchase credit, if you haven't already done so. Unless you only want to call the USA or Canada - there are no charges here.

Start calls via the Chrome app

  1. Hangouts calls can be made on the desktop using the Chrome extension. First install the Google Chrome browser. Then install the Hangouts app for Chrome.

  2. Hangouts is a desktop app that requires a Chrome browser to be installed, but runs in a separate window. Start the app on Windows via the Start menu or on the Mac in the Launchpad (F4 key).

  3. 3

    Now click on "New Conversation" at the top left.

  4. 4

    Then a telephone receiver is hidden at the top right. Click on this too.

  5. 5

    Now you type in the destination phone number including the country code. Hangouts makes suggestions based on contacts or recently dialed numbers. Either click on one of these suggestions to start the call, or confirm your typed number with Enter.

  6. 6

    You end the call with a click on the red receiver.

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