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Mechanical performance

We will deal with mechanical performance in this article. We explain to you why you need the mechanical power and how you can calculate it. This article belongs to the field of physics / mechanics.

One method of calculating the performance of a machine is the so-called "mechanical performance". The goal for the owner of a machine is often that as many parts as possible are produced in the shortest possible time. Therefore, in physics, mechanical power was defined as the quotient of work and time. The physical unit of power is the watt "W".


Mechanical performance: formulas and examples

Let's start with the simplest formula, which calculates the mechanical power as the quotient of work and time.

Mechanical performance: Formula 1


  • "P" the power in watts [W]
  • "W" the work in NewtonMeter or Joule [1J = 1Nm]
  • "t" the time in seconds [s]


A machine does 3000 joules of work in one hour. What is the mechanical performance of the machine?

Solution: One hour corresponds to 3600 seconds, so t = 3600s and W = 3000J. We put this in the formula.

Mechanical performance: Formula 2

The mechanical performance can also be obtained from force, distance and time or also from force and speed. The formula for this looks like this:


  • "P" the power in watts [W]
  • "F" is the force in Newtons [N]
  • "s" the distance in meters [m]
  • "t" is the time in seconds
  • "v" the speed in meters per second [m / s]

Here, too, it is simply a matter of finding the relevant information from a task text and inserting it into the formula.


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