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Alexa for multiple users: Set up profiles on Amazon Echo Use Amazon Echo & Alexa with several people

Use Amazon Alexa with multiple people

In households with several people, things can get quite chaotic at times. So that Amazon's voice assistant Alexa does not lose track when several people access an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, it is possible to create several profiles. However, there are a few things to consider.

Amazon Echo: Alexa create a household profile for the voice assistant Alexa

Up until now it was possible to access the household profile function directly via the Alexa app. With the introduction of the Echo 4 devices, this function has disappeared in the settings. However, the setup can still be carried out via the web app application. To do this, open an online browser and surf to (As of: 10/2020)

  1. First open the Alexa app on the desktop with an internet browser
  2. Then switch to the sub-item "Settings" in the menu at the bottom left
  3. Scroll right down to the menu item "Alexa account" -> "Household profile"
  4. Click on "Household Profile"
  5. There is an automatic redirection to the Amazon website
  6. Log in to the Amazon customer account now
  7. Select the menu item "Settings" in the Amazon account view that appears
  8. Scroll down to the heading "Households and Family Library" and click on "Invite an adult"
  9. The person concerned must enter their Amazon login details here
  10. Then follow the further instructions to complete the process

Alexa: Change profile for several people

To find out which account is currently active, you can Alexa "Which account is this?" ask. You can change your account using the voice command "Alexa, change account" or "Alexa, change profile".

The following functions are available to all adults who are logged into the main account:

  • Authorized use of the payment methods linked to the Amazon account
  • Users can view the primary account holder's Prime Photos on Echo Smart Displays
  • When inquiring about upcoming appointments, the appointments from all linked calendars are reported

Amazon Echo and several people - this is how personalization works

If there is an Alexa household profile, other users can instruct Alexa with the voice command “Alexa, change account” to change accounts and then create a personal voice profile with “Alexa, learn my voice”. These can then be used to use the following personalized functions:

  • send and receive personal messages or calls
  • Retrieve daily summary, reports that have already been heard are skipped
  • Retrieve personalized playlists if Amazon Music Unlimited family membership is used
  • Shop without having to enter an activated language code every time

Based on the created voice profiles, Alexa automatically recognizes which user is currently speaking to her and can thus deliver personalized content. However, the persons must first be created in the Alexa household profile.

Delete user profile for Amazon Echo

If several people share an Amazon Echo device and active users drop out, as can often be the case in shared apartments, user accounts can also be deleted again in a targeted manner.

  1. First switch to "Settings" as described above
  2. Then navigate to the "Alexa Account" section and tap on "Amazon Household"
  3. Remove people here.

Note: After removing a user account, neither person concerned cannot be added to a new household for 180 days. If a person has been accidentally removed, it is necessary to contact Amazon customer service.