Like girls memes

While so-called "serious" people may mock memes, they are an integral part of modern social media. Like it or not, there's a good reason your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of funny cats, cute kids, and motivational quotes.

According to the Collins English Dictionary, a meme is "something like a video, picture, or sentence that many people on the Internet send to one another". That's a very general definition, but it describes memes well. The word once had a loftier meaning. Richard Dawkins created the term with the concept that a meme is an idea passed down from generation to generation. Does that mean the reason you are sharing videos with your clumsy cat is for benefit to future generations?

Despite the looser social media definition of memes that we use today, its meaning cannot be escaped. By definition, memes are popular. Influential people share memes. If you want your material to get more engagement, memes should be shared.

You should include some memes in your influencer marketing (except maybe for companies that specialize in serious B2B).

Just a word of warning. Internet memes tend to be disrespectful and fun. This means that having a lot of favorite memes have the potential to offend some people. Instagrammers often continue this disrespect when naming their Instagram meme accounts. If you find yourself offended by swearing, you should probably avoid the next section of this post.

10 of the Best Instagram Meme Accounts:

1. @epicfunnypage

Followers: 15.2 million

@epicfunnypage is very popular. It encourages people to follow for the funniest videos and memes. It is very important to post fun content several times a day.

At the time of this writing, @epicfunnypage is set up as a private account. This is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is hit the blue "Follow" button and you'll soon have access to your memes.

In fact, this seems to be one of the biggest Instagram trends of 2018. The Atlantic writes, "More and more meme accounts are being privatized. Their owners say it's a new way to get followers on a crowded platform. This article quotes Jack Wagner, a Los Angeles-based director, who says," The People go private because they get more followers when a follower posts a post to their friend and that person has to follow the account to see the posts. As simple as that."

@epicfunnypage posts about 10 short video memos every day, with an emphasis on kids and animals doing something fun.

2. @fuckjerry

Followers: 13.8 million

@fuckjerry has been on Instagram since 2012. He focuses on a Millennial / Generation Z audience and his posts contain numerous pop culture references relevant to these age groups.

The meme account has now become Jerry Media, who works with brands to create suitable sponsored content.

The team behind this account even developed a board game called What Do You Meme.

3. @sarcasm_only

Followers: 12.5 million

@Sarcasm_only, which is set up as a personal account, bluntly asks people to "follow me before I'm hot and famous". She has a predominantly female audience, and her memes target typical problems women face in life. These can be anything from coping with poor hygiene to the pressures of everyday life.

Their popularity has spread beyond the Instagram account. @Sarcasm_only fans even set up Pinterest boards showing off their favorite Instagram memes. That shows the cross-platform appeal of social media.

4. @daquan

Followers: 11.4 million

@daquan was set up as a meme account in 2014 by Canadian-born Daquan Gesese. The bulk of Daquan's Memes focuses on topics of interest to the Millennials and relates to relevant movies, shows, foods and public figures, celebrities, athletes, and musicians of interest to that age group. He claims that He "publishes the funniest content on the web".

Daquan Gesese has now moved south of the Canadian border to NYC and some of his memes now reflect his new home base.

5. @thefatjewish

Followers: 10.4 million

Unlike most of these Instagram meme accounts, @thefatjewish is very much based on the identity of its owner. The "fat Jew" in question is Josh Ostrovsky, an American writer, actor, model, winemaker, entrepreneur, and Instagram celebrity.

Ostrovsky created this Instagram account in 2009, but it didn't become known until 2013 after he posted a video of the parody "Soul Cycle" in which he ran a spin course for the homeless.

Time Magazine named Ostrovsky in its 2015 list of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.

As with most of these reports, @thefatjewish takes a decidedly disrespectful look at life.

6. @lmao

Followers: 10.2 million

As anyone who grew up with the internet knows, lmao means "laugh your ass off". @lmao tries to make sure his followers do just that. Their posts often show the fun side of people's everyday life.

The website is owned by @joey and he publishes funny content on a daily basis. The material is a mix of short videos and funny still images with appropriate subtitles.

7. @societyfeelings

Followers: 8.8 million

@societyfeelings has followed the current trend of making their account private, but as usual, all you have to do is hit the blue Follow button and wait for an admin to approve you.

The description says "Follow for the deepest videos & pictures".

If you like those emotional posts that grapple with your heart, then @societyfeelings should be ideal for you. Just make sure you found your box of tissues first.

8. @couplesnote

Followers: 8.1 million

Another personal account, @couplesnote, contains relationship posts and quotes. All of his memes are focused on love and relationships.

The word "Couples" in its name is important. Much of the content posted relates to "couple goals" and romantic moments between couples.

Of course, it's probably not the best account to follow as a single, as it playfully reveals all the disadvantages of single life.

9. @funnymemes

Followers: 7.8 million

This is a clear example of "what the label says is what you get". If you want to see funny memes and share them with others, then it makes sense to come to the long-established @funnymemes.

Like so many of these accounts, it's private so you'll need to apply for access first.

It describes itself as "Instagram's Funniest Video Account" and features "funny, wacky and outrageous videos".

Since the only common factor that the memes on this account have in common is that they are funny, @funnymemes has a very diverse audience which you should consider if you are going to be influencer marketing with them.

10. @ladbible

Followers: 6.5 million

While many of the Instagram memo accounts presented here primarily target a female audience, @ladbible has a completely different target market. They share memes that the typical young man ("lad") enjoys. This includes topics like drinking, games, sports, cars and chasing girls.

However, as support for the account has grown, it is less lad-focused and covers a wider range of tastes. However, it still plays for a young audience away from the PC.

Why are Instagram meme accounts becoming extremely effective as IM tools?

Meme accounts are one of the most popular on Instagram. People almost instinctively share funny pictures, GIFs, and short videos, especially if they have some succinct or culturally relevant subtitles. Most influencers who recognize this include a number of meme posts in the posts they share.

Most people who spend time on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media networks share a number of meme posts - the occasional serious B2B Instagrammer.

The number of people who follow these meme accounts from Instagram is pretty amazing. They have as many followers as leading influencers in many popular niches.

That's partly because they're easy to consume. It doesn't take much effort for an Instagrammer to view / read the meme and understand its message. In today's busy people with short attention spans, the brevity is appreciated.

If you can work with an influencer to somehow incorporate your message into a meme without it looking like a deliberate advertisement, then you are in the ideal situation.

Memes are shared a lot more than typical Instagram or other social media posts. Often friends are tagged who you think will enjoy the meme - regardless of whether they subscribed to the original Instagram account or not.

If the meme is particularly memorable, people can use it in multiple memes - all they have to do is change the caption each time. This can even lead to "memes in memes".

Meme accounts are less niche and more general than most influencer accounts

The critical thing about leading Instagram meme accounts is that they are general. They share posts on a wide variety of topics with a wide variety of different Instagrammers. They don't have the same kind of niche themed public that typical micro-influencers do.

Hence, they function more like celebrity influencers than micro-influencers, although people will share many of their memes on appropriate niche channels.

They are especially popular with Millennials, and there are likely more memes related to Millennial concerns than anything else.

Meme accounts are particularly suitable for brands that appeal to a large, diverse audience. They allow brands to raise awareness by taking a more general approach than typical niche influencer marketing.

Category-specific meme accounts are on the rise

As meme accounts become more common, special niche meme sites have started to be built. The @ladbible meme account above is an example of a thematic account.

There has to be a balance here. The secret to meme account success is popularity. For that you need a large number of people who can see your meme posts. If you niche yourself too much, you are breaking your potential audience apart too much. However, it is possible to set up a special meme account as long as you limit yourself to relatively broad categories. An Instagram meme account with a focus on fashion and beauty would do well. But it would be difficult to get attention if you limited your memes to just women's winter clothes.

Some people have successfully set up meme accounts on a geographic basis. For example, @OverheardLA clearly relates to what users "overheard" in Los Angeles. They also run region-specific accounts in @Overheardnewywork. @OverheardLondon, and @overheardsanfrancisco.