How much does a nasal toxin cost

Rhinoplasty without surgery

5-minute rhinoplasty

Deformities of the bridge of the nose in the area of ​​the hump or saddle, the tip of the nose or the bridge can often be improved by injecting a stable hyaluronic acid. The nasal hump can be leveled and the tip of the nose raised. A nose that appears broad can be refined by slender elevation of the bridge of the nose. The bridge of the nose of an African or Asian saddle nose is raised by a non-surgical external rhinoplasty. An immediately visible result can be achieved without an operation. Botox treatment can also be used to raise the tip of the nose or reduce the size of the nostrils. A groove on the tip of the nose (nasal groove) and on the bridge of the nose can be molded into a harmonious nose tip.

Nasal injection or surgical rhinoplasty?

An injection with a filler does not make the nose smaller, it looks more harmonious. The uncomplicated possibility of rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid is aptly considered Five-minute rhinoplasty and does not even require anesthesia. For a long-lasting result, a two-stage treatment, that is, two consecutive injections. The first two injections of hyaluronic acid should be carried out in a relatively short interval of around two months, as the filler 'settles' more strongly in untreated tissue than in an already injected nose. If your nose does not benefit from an injection, we can arrange a consultation with our nasal surgeon for a surgical nose correction.

Nose modeling with hyaluronic gel - injection as an alternative to surgical rhinoplasty

Duration of intervention:15 minutes.
Clinic stay:outpatient
Follow-up treatment:no
Sports:from the 1st day
approx. € 295*
*indiv. according to GOÄ

Surgery is not always necessary to lift the tip of the nose or straighten the bridge of the nose. By injecting the nose in the area of ​​the bridge of the nose or the tip of the nose, an immediate and harmonious beautification of the nose can be achieved. A nasal hump is apparently and temporarily removed or reduced by such a concealment and a deep nose tip is raised. The advantage over surgical rhinoplasty is that the treatment is completed in around five minutes and the side effects, such as swelling or small hematomas, are short-lived. A nasal cast does not have to be worn. Another benefit is that you can get this rhinoplasty first testing before deciding to have an operation. With the experience of the effect of a 'new' nose, you can later decide again whether an operation would be the better solution, because - unfortunately, most of the gel injection on the nose with the stable hyaluronic acid breaks down again. But, a smaller part, approx. 1/3, remains permanently.

Immediately after the injection, the material is still malleable, so that in the case of a nose correction in the area of ​​the eyeglass imprints, glasses should not be worn for a while if they would touch the injected areas of the nose.

  • Apparent reduction in size
  • Not every nose is good
  • Two treatments for long-lasting results
  • Correction of bumps after nasal surgery

How long does the rhinoplasty last?

It takes more than 12 months for most of the hyaluronic acid to be broken down. Part of the injection is permanent. After the first injection, a large part of the hyaluronic acid is absorbed into the skin within eight weeks, so that the second part of the two-stage treatment should then take place. Later, the rhinoplasty should be refilled without surgery, initially after six months and later after about a year. Understanding the shelf life of hyaluronic acid injections on the nose is very important.

How much does a nose job with hyaluronic acid cost?

As always, the costs are determined by effort and material. Do the math approx. 300 euros* VAT included. for an injection treatment of the nose with up to 0.5ml hyaluronic acid gel (e.g. Restylane Lyft® - formerly Perlane or SubQ). These costs have to be expected every several months for each rhinoplasty. In the total number of injections, do not expect more than three or four follow-up treatments to complete the nonsurgical rhinoplasty. The prices are set according to the individual effort and material consumption according to the medical fee schedule. With our treatment scheme, our patients still show a clear success of the pretreatments with every treatment, since the hyaluronic acid injection is tissue-inductive and leads to the formation of permanent connective tissue.

Sample videos from the USA

On Youtube you can find English-language videos under the search term non surgical nose job.

Rhinoplasty Without Surgery - What Can I Expect?

By modeling the nose in the area of ​​the hump or the tip of the nose, you get a harmoniously modified nose through an implantation of a degradable and natural hyaluronic acid, which is usually uncomplicated for the experienced doctor. Basically the eye of the beholder looks for irregularities in the face. The modeled nose looks smaller because it blends in more harmoniously with the face.

Which hyaluronic acid gel is used?

We usually use Restylane Lyft® (formerly Perlane). The hyaluronic acid gel - the synthetic version of a natural water-storing substance that our body always produces itself. The chemical difference to the body's own hyaluronic acid is the chemical stabilization through cross-linking molecules. Other fillers with a higher viscosity are less suitable for correcting the shape of the nose. Especially permanent fillers in the area of ​​the bridge of the nose either have the wrong consistency or occasionally tend to be rejected.

The hyaluronic acid has a gel-like consistency, the firmness of which is like small chunks of aspic. The lifting effect under the taut facial skin of the nose is clear but limited. The hyaluronic acid gel can be dissolved again by hyaluronidase if necessary.

How does the rhinoplasty work without an operation?

Before a 5-minute treatment, the nose is first given a local anesthetic if necessary. Depending on the request of the nose correction, the hyaluronic acid gel is implanted precisely under the skin. In the case of local anesthesia, this lasts about an hour after the procedure. You don't need any downtime or recovery time. Immediately after the treatment, you are fit for society again.

Which undesirable side effects are possible?

Swelling and redness are likely to appear over the hyaluronic acid-treated area of ​​the nose. After the rhinoplasty, small bruises may appear on the nose. However, these are not comparable to bruises after surgical rhinoplasty, can be completely covered with make-up and are completely removed after three days. The position of the hyaluronic acid can be slightly shifted for a few days by vigorous massage. The manipulation is only to be carried out by the attending physician. You will be informed about the basic side effects of any intervention in the integrity of the human body with regard to the rare but conceivable effects on the blood and nerve supply and through the wound itself in advance of the treatment. These correspond to the risks of a usual tissue injection with a high-quality hyaluronic acid (e.g. wrinkle injection). If you don't like it, the hyaluronic acid can be dissolved by a suitable enzyme.

Is the procedure safe?

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in human tissue. This substance does not trigger a rejection reaction. We work with small quantities and small cannulas. All invasive measures involve certain risks. The safety of medically unnecessary treatment should be the top priority. Even relatively safe treatment should not and must not be advertised as safe. A tissue injection with hyaluronic acid is an implantation of an exogenous substance and has mechanical, osmotic and growth-promoting properties.

Is Rhinoplasty Painful Without Surgery?

Local anesthesia on sensitive areas makes the treatment easy to bear. However, a slight discomfort must be tolerated. The pain perception of the patients is different. For example, some patients treated with hyaluronic acid gel report a temporary discreet discomfort after a rhinoplasty. The greatest possible comfort can be achieved through simple pain medication.

What does the term crystal cortisone mean?

Crystal cortisone means triamcinolone, a glucocorticoid. It is commonly used for inflammation of the joints, skin and muscles, for proliferating scars and various lichen.
Until now, crystal cortisone has rarely been used in aesthetic medicine. For a short time, it has been used to narrow the nose. Cortisone thins the tissue. Injecting the product too often or too much at once can cause tissue damage.
In experienced hands, however, there is no great risk of such undesirable side effects. Information on treatment with crystal cortisone can be found here.

*The price is calculated individually and according to GOÄ.

When can I see the result?

The result can be seen immediately after the treatment, although the nose will be slightly swollen. After the swelling has subsided and the reddening has disappeared, as well as any small hematomas, the result can be assessed after ten days.

Am I a suitable candidate for a nose job without surgery?

As with any cosmetic-aesthetic procedure, realistic expectations and an understanding of the limits of a hyaluronic acid treatment (consistency, breakdown, tissue reaction) are essential prerequisites for a successful therapy. During a consultation, we would also be happy to explain possible alternatives to you.