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San Francisco: Women Purposely Cough at Uber Drivers - Viral Video

It is one of those everyday scenes that many people experience again and again in Corona times: people who do not adhere to the rules of distance or the mask requirement, sometimes even react aggressively when they are made aware of this themselves.

A case from San Francisco made headlines, also because there is a video of the incident that is circulating on social media - and because there may be a xenophobic background to the crime.

You can see a group of young women mocking an Uber driver and then consciously coughing at him.

The driver, who the police call him Subhakar K., had initially asked the young women to put on masks, as this was compulsory in Uber taxis. When the women did not comply, he declared that he did not want to promote them. An argument ensued in the course of which the young women became verbally aggressive, coughed at him, tore off his mask and finally sprayed pepper spray in his car.

Numerous attacks on Asian-looking citizens

The incident occurred on Sunday March 7th. At the end of the following week, the US police had established the identities of the young women, whose leader - named Malaysia K., 24 years old - was arrested a little later. Malaysia K. is charged with several points, including harassment, assault and attack with a corrosive chemical.

The incident has sparked widespread coverage in the US and UK media, also because it may be part of a whole series of hate crimes against Asians and Asian-looking people in the United States.