Why cry banshee


The banshee is called in the English original Banshee. For the Irish, this being is the omen of death.
In and of themselves they are not evil creatures, but their excruciating scream goes through your marrow and bone.
Their most striking feature is their fiery red eyes, because they have wept for those who have loved them for centuries. Banshees are slender women with long white hair. They wear white or green robes and when they feel that someone is dying, they sit down in front of their house, pull the hood over their faces and mourn that person and their family.
Death fairies only appear singly.
Allegedly, every banshee belongs to its own extended Irish family. She follows "her" family, no matter where they go. That is why the wailing can also be heard in England, America and everywhere where the Irish have settled.
In the third volume of the Harry Potter books, the boggart of Seamus Finnigan turns into a banshee. He stops her deafening singing by making her voice hoarse.
Gilderoy Lockhart is the author of the book "Dance with the Banshee", the content of which goes back to the adventures of a witch with a hairy chin.
The Daily Prophet mentions in one of its articles that Celestina Warbeck has a group of banshees perform as a background choir at their concerts.

Text by: Bluebell
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