How do you deal with annoying friends

Conflicts With Friends: How Do You Deal With It?

As in all relationships, disputes can arise in good friendships and, in the worst case, put a permanent strain on the friendship or even lead to its end. Difficult especially when it is not openly discussed. Conflicts can often begin harmlessly, one overlooks one or the other problem, does not even speak about it or is quick to forgive the other. But the longer and more often you feel uncomfortable in situations with friends, the stronger the negative feelings towards the other. Different life situations can also influence friendships, and not all can withstand change. User "Whānau" reports on her experiences with a friend:

Conversations can help

Your own weaknesses or a lack of trust in people close to you can not least contribute to or exacerbate conflicts. But also a different understanding of friendship and the associated false expectations of the other person can be the basis for conflicts. Looking for a conversation with friends, expressing your own point of view and also listening to the opinion of the other person are ways of resolving conflicts.

How do you deal with conflicts in your circle of friends?

Do you talk about it openly, or are the disputes more subliminal and mostly unspoken? Do you see the guilt in your friends or in yourself? How do you deal with criticism from friends? And were you able to save a friendship by talking about conflicts? (mawa, October 15, 2019)