Why do dogs get angry

Public transport - Dogs are angry because of the abolition of the dog GA - Zurich ex-Stapi calls for resistance against “rip-off”

Dogs are angry because of the abolition of the dog GA - Zurich ex-Stapi calls for resistance against "rip-off"

Public transport abolishes the GA travelcard for dogs. The successor solution is only superficially cheaper, criticize dog owners. They call for resistance under prominent leadership.

Elmar Ledergerber is angry. "The SBB have been trying for years to get rid of their good reputation," he railed this week on Radio 1. "Now it's the turn of the dogs." The annoyance of the former mayor of Zurich is due to a change in product range: the previous GA travelcard for dogs will be converted into a dog passport at the end of the year. Instead of CHF 800, it now costs CHF 350 - with one major restriction: if the dog GA was transferable and could be used by several people who were traveling with the same dog, everyone who takes the dog with them now has to buy their own dog pass .

"It's not enough if I have a dog passport like this," said Ledergeber. «My wife needs one too, and so does my son, and if my dear neighbor takes the dog out, she has to have a dog passport too. That is the height. This is not a dog pass, but a rip-off of the doggie in a very unsympathetic way. " The title of the letter with which the change was announced is misleading: "Free passage for your dog", it says there. "I'm not going to put up with that," the SP politician concluded his angry speech. «Hundreds of all cantons, unite, we won't put up with that!».

Leather tanner leads uprising

Ledergerber is not the only critic of the new regime: More than 2,600 people who have signed a petition on the Campax portal are calling for the dog GA to be retained. "Dogs are not only kept by singles, but also by families, couples or shared apartments", it is said to justify. "So several subscriptions would have to be purchased for a dog - even though the dog can only travel once by train." Dog owners would be asked to pay again - now even several times: "That should be prevented!".

A family with four people and two dogs would have to buy eight dog passports with the new system, calculates an affected dog owner. Instead of 1,600 francs, this would mean spending 2800 francs a year - a price increase of 75 percent. Another dog owner writes: "The supposed discount is supposed to lead to impoverishment. And that for animals that ultimately have to go under the seat anyway."

The industry cannot understand criticism

However, it is not SBB alone that is responsible for changing the range, but the industry association Alliance SwissPass. It brings together 250 public transport companies. Spokesman Thomas Ammann says the Alliance SwissPass could not understand the criticism of the dogs. "For many dog ​​owners, the changes in the dog segment will make public transport cheaper."

It only becomes more expensive when three or more people are regularly out with the same dog. "But there is also an attractive offer available for this with the discounted dog day tickets," says Ammann. The price of these day tickets will be reduced from 35 to 25 francs. In addition, the dog pass is now stored on the Swisspass. You no longer have to carry a separate card with you.

No contact with dog associations

The Alliance SwissPass is in constant contact with interest groups and is happy to receive criticism and suggestions. She constantly checks the range and adjusts it to the needs of the customers. Adjustments to the dog range are currently not planned, says Ammann - and there is no concrete contact with dog associations.

It's a shame, says Heinrich Brunner, President of the Zurich Dog Association. «Unfortunately, neither the SBB nor the Alliance SwissPass contacted us. We would like organizations to make more contact with us or the other professional associations in the future. " His association represents the concerns and needs of dog owners and can be a valuable contact person.

A uniform dog passport on the Swisspass is to be welcomed, says Brunner. “However, it would have been desirable if the new offer had been approved for at least two people. Nowadays, dogs are often looked after by several people. We would have welcomed and recommended at least one dog GA on the Swisspass per family, ”says Brunner. "Basically, however, we see it as very positive that the costs have been reduced and handling has been simplified."