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MCT, C8 and Coconut Oil: What Are the Differences?

For those who follow a ketogenic diet, MCT and C8 oil are practically indispensable. We'll help you understand the differences between the different oils and explain why coconut oil is a miracle worker, what makes MCT oils real superheroes and how you can use them optimally.

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1. MCT - What is it?

If you are into biohacking and healthy eating, ketogenic or paleo, you have probably heard of MCT oil. MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides. That means MCT oils medium chain fatty acids contain that out Chains of 6 to 12 carbon atoms exist and that is exactly what distinguishes them from conventional oils.

The medium-chain fatty acids are saturated fat. MCT comes in the Nature in its purest form Unfortunately Not in front. It is but especially in tropical vegetable fats like Coconut oil or Palm kernel oil to find. The advantage of medium-chain fatty acids versus long-chain fatty acids, as in conventional cooking oils, lies in the fact that they are among other things digested more easily can be.

The body can do it without bile acids and fat-splitting enzymes (Lipases) of the pancreas unlock. In the metabolism they go through the liver, but the bile is practically left out. Medium chain fatty acids get in effectively the Mitochondria, your cell power plants and serve them as starting material for their work.

That means they are converted into power for your brain and muscles. In general you can remember the shorter the carbon atom chain in the oil, the better.

BRAINEFFECT HACK: What makes MCT oil so special are the medium-chain fatty acids it contains. MCT oil can from your body better received than conventional edible oils and helps you to be fully efficient and optimizes your mental performance. Try ours here high quality MCT oil made from 100% caprylic acid C8.

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2. Which MCT oil is the best and what is C8?

Conventional MCT oils on the market often contain a high proportion of cheap, longer-chain and therefore less effective fatty acids. So watch out when buying MCT oil! To the most effective medium chain fatty acids count for example the Caprine and the Caprylic acid.

The latter is also called C8 known and the highest quality form of MCT, because this is well metabolized and directly forms ketones. Ketones are particularly important for the body's energy cycle. In the energy cycle, various products are processed in the mitochondria to generate energy.

It will either glucose or fat burned. Which is better? Clearly for biohackers: fat! Ketone bodiesthat are in the Ketosis can be formed in 3-5 steps to Energy converted become. So ketones are the optimal power for your thinking apparatus.

also influence they yours Insulin levels do not and thus give constant power from. So it follows no performance slump from low blood sugar levels. Just one maximum caprylic acid content possible the education of ketones too at one Low carb diet, that's why an MCT oil supply is particularly important here.

C8 is the most efficient, but also the rarest of the MCT acids. For example, you can made from coconuts, the fruits of Oil palm or Rape won become. So you should look out for MCT oils with the highest possible caprylic acid content.

Mixtures of C8 with other fatty acids are often sold. They are usually cheaper than pure C8 oils, which is due to the fact that large amounts of the cheaper but slower acting capric acid (C10) are added to the C8.

Capric acid cannot form ketones as quickly as caprylic acid, which is why the effect of such Mixed oils compared to pure C8 oils by far slower is. A mixed oil does not have the same effect on your mental performance as a high-quality pure C8 oil.

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Take home message # 1: If you are looking to buy an MCT oil, it is important that you make sure that it contains effective fatty acids. The highest quality form of MCT is caprylic acid (C8). She is a fantastic source of power for you. So you can focus on your goals full of fuel.

3. Proper intake of C8 oil

C8 oils are usually tasteless and can therefore simply in food and Mixed drinks become. The dosage should be done gradually so that you can get your body used to the new power input. You should start with one teaspoon of the oil per day.

Always best In the morning, that you during the day from yours MCT power suppliers benefit can. After a few weeks you can increase your MCT intake, but you should not consume more than three tablespoons of the C8 oil per day. Even with a short intake, MCT oils and especially C8 oils can already increase the formation of ketone bodies, which provide you with more fuel.

For low-carb or ketogenic dietyou really should take MCT regularlyso that your power is optimized in the long term. You can use a C8 oil like our BRAINEFFECT ROCKET C8, for example, super in smoothies or one Bulletproof coffee Mix.

Take home message # 3: You should gradually introduce an MCT oil that consists exclusively of C8 to your body and get it used to it. Start with one teaspoon a day and gradually increase to three tablespoons a day. In this way you can strengthen your body and your brain and provide them with power.

4. C6, C10 and C12 - the other fatty acids

In addition to caprylic acid, there are also caproic (C6), capric (C10) and lauric acid (C12) among the medium-chain fatty acids. C6, the so-called caproic acid, consists of a chain with six carbon atoms. At room temperature is C6 an oily liquid that smells very unpleasant. also tastes good you Not particularly good and can stomach problems cause.

However, she can do a lot form ketones quicklywhich, however, cannot compensate for the unpleasant taste and the other side effects. C10, capric acid, is a medium-chain fatty acid, as already described, which is often sold in mixed oils with C8.

It consists of a chain of ten carbon atoms and forms therefore slow ketones. It occurs, among other things, in palm and coconut oil as well as in the fat of goat milk. The acid can then be obtained industrially from this. Lauric acid, so C12, consists of 12 carbon atoms and is therefore the slowest to form the valuable ketones that provide your brain and muscles with power.

As you will find out in more detail in the next section, it is also a great ingredient of Coconut oil. Chains from 14 and more carbon atoms, are considered long chain fatty acids. Many are of the opinion that C12 is one of them.

All in all, it is clear: the more carbon atoms the saturated fatty acids contain, the slower they form ketones. According to this, C6 would be the best fatty acid. Because of its smell and unpleasant taste, you just don't want to ingest it. So is C8 the ideal MCT acid and the perfect fuel to power your brain and muscles.

Take home message # 4: MCT is made up of carbon atom chains. The names C6, C8, C10 and C12 indicate how many carbon atoms are contained in each, in C6 there are six carbon atoms, etc. The shorter the chains, the more effectively the saturated fatty acid forms ketones and the more effectively your body is supplied with power.

5. The difference between MCT and coconut oil

Coconut oilconsists to a very large extent medium chain fatty acids, so MCT. The thing is, the medium chain fatty acids category, according to most sources, includes fatty acids with chains of 6 to 12 carbon atoms. The greatest proportion of coconut oil is that 12-chain lauric acid (C12).

Biologically, however, this is actually already counted among the long-chain fatty acids and not regarded as MCT. Contains coconut oil more than 50 percent lauric acidthat has great effects on your body and health. It does contain, however relatively little “real” MCT and that's what you need to fuel the mitochondria of your body and brain with power.

Take home message # 5: Coconut oil provides your body with lauric acid, but it is more of a long-chain than a medium-chain fatty acid. Therefore, while it is good for your health and your body, it cannot do the same for your brain as a high-quality MCT oil.

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6. Coconut oil and MCT - it's all in the combination!

You can use your body optimally supply with medium-chain fatty acidsif you have both MCT as well as Coconut oil in your Integrate nutrition. Coconut oil is great for frying vegetables and a dash of MCTL oil in your Bulletproof coffee makes it even more effective.

Coconut oil gives you plenty Lauric acid and a high quality MCT oil the valuable ones ketogenic fatty acids, how Caprylic and Capric acid. The perfect Station wagon so to your body optimal with power to supply and your mental performance to push. Would you like to combine MCT oil with vitamin D3 in delicious smoothies? Then we have here four delicious recipes for you.

Take home message # 6: A diet that combines coconut oil and MCT oil optimally supplies your body with MCT and significantly optimizes your power.

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7. Conclusion

With MCT Oil, quality is what counts. This is the only way you can benefit from the positive effects of medium-chain fatty acids. C8 and C10 are best for consumption. If you want to optimally support your body in a state of ketosis, it is best to opt for high-quality MCT oil made from 100% caprylic acid C8.