Rebuild the Milwaukee Brewers

Rangers Tag Team too much for Detroit

The Texas Rangers have reported back impressively after the bankruptcy in game three. Nelson Cruz provided the next heroic act after his Grand Slam. In Milwaukee, on the other hand, they fight with a curse after the next away defeat in St. Louis.

Detroit Tigers 3-7 Texas Rangers - Series 1-3

After the 5-2 win in game three, that spark of hope was back with the Tigers. The dream of the World Series was within my grasp again. But after the fourth game in the ALCS at the latest, the role allocation seems to be clearly clarified.

The reason: Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli, the relentless Tag Team of the Rangers. First, Napoli put Texas ahead with a single RBI early in the eleventh inning before Cruz Detroit sent Jose Valverde into the valley of tears with a three-run homer.

After the Grand Slam in game two, the right fielder provided the next highlight. "You don't see him every day. But finally he does exactly what he is able to do. We had to wait a long time for that. I always said: I don't judge him by how often he hits the ball out of the stadium "Simply because he's a complete player," said Texas manager Ron Washington.

For Cruz it was already the fourth home run in the ALCS. He is also the first player in MLB history to beat two extra inning homers in the same series. The only thing missing for the Rangers is one victory to enter the World Series.

St. Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers 4-3 - Series 2-1

A single inning was enough for the Cardinals at their home Busch Stadium to take the lead in the series. Thanks in part to a double RBI from Albert Pujols, St. Louis led 4-0 after the first inning. Immediately images of game two emerged as the Brewers were shot or thrown out of the stadium at 12-3.

Even if it didn't get that bad in the end, Milwaukee has one big problem: The Brewers can't win away from home anymore. Milwaukee has now lost eight games in a row in the playoffs on the road. The bankruptcy series goes back to 1982. At that time you lost the first game of the World Series against - of course - the Cardinals.

However, hope is still alive. "We'll prepare for the next game as we always do. Hopefully we'll get off the starting blocks better," said Brewers star Ryan Braun after the game.

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