What are the best piercing stores

6 piercing studios in Berlin that you can trust

New season, new look? Almost natural, but this strange year you might as well get yourself an accessory that you can use for a longer period of time. Not only jeans and denim have high season in the case, but also piercings. No matter if lip, nipple or intimate - after a short prick you have a new look with which you will inspire your friends and above all yourself. Even if it hurts briefly in the piercing studio, once it has healed, you can enjoy your new jewelry for the rest of your life.

You should choose the piercing studio carefully

Nevertheless, you shouldn't let yourself be seduced too quickly, because many piercing studios entice you with cheap offers and pretty jewelry. But what often does not fit are the hygienic conditions, which should actually be the most important thing. Even if the piercer and the environment seem trustworthy at first glance, the piercing studio can often not be classified at first glance. Therefore, you should research beforehand and choose carefully before the cannula is unpacked.
Then there are new regulations due to the Corona:
- you have to book an appointment so that the piercing studios can adhere to the square meter limits
- you have to come alone (unless you are under 18)
- you cannot enter without a fresh face mask
So that you do not regret the decision to have your new piercing at the dermatologist after a very short time (Yeh, inflammation! Hello outgrown plug!), We have six piercing studios in Berlin for you, where nothing goes wrong. Everyone has the coolest new jewelry ready, the piercers take their time for you and afterwards you can proudly present your decorated navel.

Torstrasse 145, 10119 Berlin

Gneisenaustra├če 20, 10961 Berlin

Pfl├╝gerstrasse 6, 12047 Berlin

Mainzer Str. 10, 10247 Berlin

Danziger Strasse 134, 10407 Berlin

Motzstrasse 12, 10777 Berlin