Are Segways dangerous

Segways - the quiet danger! Manfred Wilmsen expresses his displeasure

Ingrid Kühne
  • May 30, 2012, 2:55 pm
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Wuusch - Manfred Wilmsen winces. Just in time, the man from Lüttingen can take his two-year-old son Nick aside when the Segway rushes by.
The fun vehicles are a thorn in the side of the 40-year-old family man. “The paths around the Xanten South Seas are narrow because everything just sprawls wildly into the lane.” Although motorized two-wheelers are not allowed to drive here, the idyllic route is increasingly being used by Segway drivers.
Manfred Wilmsen has had bad experiences with the new Segway driving trend: "Since the vehicles are very quiet, you can hardly hear them approaching and you are almost knocked over."
These vehicles are currently the "hit" in the leisure sector. The sports equipment developed in the USA, powered by an electric motor, is controlled by shifting weight. Segway drivers are now part of the cityscape in Xanten. Many tourist groups receive brief instructions at the port and are then allowed to set off on their own. It makes sense to do the first tour around the Xanten South Sea. Manfred Wilmsen is surprised every time because the way around the lake is closed to motorized vehicles. “There are signs everywhere, no mopeds, no scooters, no motorcycles. But these things are allowed to do that? ”It is not only the 40-year-old who feels disturbed, older people who are out and about with the rollator or on foot are often frightened when the groups of visitors rush past them at up to 20 kilometers per hour . “You often feel that the drivers are inexperienced, because you only learn to use the Segway for a short time on the paved paths at the harbor and then drive on the sandy paths around the lake. How such a vehicle reacts is only noticed in the event of danger - when it is too late. Unthinkable when you are hit by such a heavy device, "says Manfred Wilmsen. It is not for nothing that it is recommended to wear a helmet when driving a Segway. Such a fun vehicle weighs around 50 kilograms. If you add the weight of the driver and take the speed into account, you can well imagine how dangerous an accident with a pedestrian can be. In Manfred Wilmsen's opinion, it is time for the regulatory authorities to think about how we can come to terms with one another in an orderly manner. The Lüttinger already has a suggestion ready: “There are enough paths in and around Xanten on which the drivers can prove themselves. It doesn't have to be where many citizens are looking for rest and relaxation. "

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