How useful is 3D Touch

These five tips will help you navigate your iPhone even faster

By Thomas Porwol | March 11, 2017, 3:51 p.m.

It is practically a right-click on the iPhone: If you press firmly on the display of the Apple cell phone, you can use a number of useful functions thanks to the 3D touch. TECHBOOK shows five features that you should know about.

Since the iPhone 6s, Apple has been equipping its smartphones with a pressure-sensitive display. The mobile phone can recognize how hard you press on the glass with your finger and thus offers additional functions in some apps. Think of it as a right click for the iPhone.

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While some of these features are more gimmick than really useful, iOS also hides some really handy 3D touch features that make everyday life easier. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't do a particularly good job of explaining the possibilities of 3D touch - many useful features go unnoticed. TECHBOOK reveals five hidden 3D touch functions that you should know about.

1. Adjust the brightness of the flashlight

Quickly wipe up and activate the flashlight in the control center - the built-in LED of the iPhone is not only suitable as a flash for taking photos, but also works well as a flashlight. And with a courageous pressure on the flashlight icon, you can even adjust the brightness of the lamp in three stages.

So you can give the lamp a decent boost in brightness or set it a little darker if you don't need as much light or don't want to disturb others with the glaring light.

2. Quick overview of notifications in folders

If you sort your apps into folders on the home screen, you can sometimes lose track of exactly which app in the folder still has an unseen notification waiting for you. Instead of swiping through the entire folder and looking for the app that is responsible for the red display, you can simply press the folder firmly.

A list with all apps that are in the folder and for which a notification is still pending expands.

3. Multi-tasking

If you want to switch quickly between two open apps, many users use the home button: Pressing it twice opens the multi-tasking menu with all open apps. It's even faster with 3D Touch: If you swipe from the left edge of the screen to the center with pressure, the multi-tasking menu also opens.

4. Move the cursor with the 3D touch

The iOS keyboard also has a practical pressure function: if you typed something and want to make a correction in the text, then you always had to tap the place in the text with your finger and hope that the cursor was in the right place Place lands.

On the other hand, it is much more precise with 3D touch: Simply press somewhere on the on-screen keyboard and the keyboard turns into a trackpad, with which you can move the cursor to exactly where you want it in the text.

5. Delete all messages

A flood of notifications can quickly accumulate in the notification center and you don't want to read all of them. Instead of gradually deleting the notifications from the past few days, you can simply tap the small "x" in the upper right corner using a 3D touch.

The option to delete all messages at once opens up.

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