How can deleted files be recovered from your

Windows Recover deleted files - this is how you save your data


Have you accidentally deleted an important file or photo and can no longer find the data in the Recycle Bin? You can often still rescue the files in Windows 10, as they have only been released for overwriting and have not yet been physically deleted. The chances of success are particularly high if you notice the loss quickly and do not take any further action on the computer so that the lost data is not overwritten again. We'll show you how this works with the free Recuva tool.

Recover files with Recuva - Here's how

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Here you can find additional programs for data recovery.

quick start Guide

  1. Download the Recuva setup file, e.g. B. at Heise Download.
  2. Open the file then change the language and decide whether you want the CCleaner want to install with.
  3. Click on "To install"and then on"Further".
  4. Enter the last location of the deleted file and then click on "Further".
  5. Activate depth first search or go directly to "begin".
  6. Click on "Advanced settings"to your Filter search results or the Search for filenames directly.
  7. When you find the deleted file, mark them and then go to "Restore".
  8. Choose a Recovery location out. Avoid using the same partition or hard drive (same drive letter) from which the file was deleted.
  9. Confirm by clicking on "OK". The file should now be in the recovery location.