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Occupational fields in planet-beruf.de

Would you like to orientate yourself online with the help of the professional fields? Then you can take a look at planet-beruf.de. Here you will find similar professions in the following groups:

  • Construction, architecture, surveying
  • service
  • Electric
  • health
  • IT, computers
  • Art, culture, design
  • Agriculture, nature, the environment
  • media
  • Metal, mechanical engineering
  • Natural sciences
  • Production
  • Social, pedagogy
  • Technology, technology fields
  • Transport, logistics
  • Economic Administration

Each occupational field is further subdivided. There you can discover exciting professions for yourself. Even those you may never have heard of.

Good to know: In some schools there are so-called workshop days. These are internships where you can try out professions in various professional fields. Check with your school to see if there is such a thing. You can find out which professional field suits you best.

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Do you already know the professional information? In the "Professional World of Training" you can find out which areas of work you find interesting. For example, trainees present their tasks to you. And experts explain to you what companies expect from you. There is a clear description of each training occupation. So you can compare the different professions with each other. In the job information center (BiZ) of your employment agency, job information is also available as a printed information folder.

tip: The BERUFE Entdecker also helps you to find interesting work areas. The application is available free of charge as an app for Android phones from Google Play and for iOS from the App Store.

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