How is Delhi as a city


A mega city made up of two cities

Dilli, as Delhi is called in Hindi, is together with New Delhi the political center of India. The metropolis in North India is also an important industrial location and is even based on seven cities.

Satellite image of Delhi (& copy NASA)


The north Indian city of Delhi has 15 million people and is the second most populous city in India after Mumbai. The Delhi metropolitan area consists of two cities: Delhi and New Delhi. The latter is the capital of India with its 1.1 billion people.

Dilli, as Delhi is called in Hindi, is the political center of India and an important industrial location. As in the other megacities of India, such as Mumbai and Calcutta, Delhi also has a middle class that is keen to spend. Shopping malls are sprouting up like mushrooms in the inner city quarters and satellite cities. At the same time, an estimated 3 million people in Delhi live in poor areas. Around 60 percent of the population work in the informal sector. The city is sinking in traffic and industrial emissions. Despite the subway network, which started operating in 2002 and has been expanded since then, Delhi continues to suffer from high traffic volumes. The Yamuna River, which meanders through Delhi, is becoming increasingly polluted. Garbage and untreated sewage end up there.

In the mega city of Delhi there are also numerous architectural works of art from different centuries. Delhi is therefore also called the city of seven cities: ruins of seven cities can be found there. Today it is certain that even more than seven cities were built in what is now the urban area. Legend has it that any ruler and king who builds a new city in Delhi will soon lose his rulership over it.