What is the past tense of catch

When were the seeds of this plot element of Maximum Ride Forever sown?

Presumably the child was found in this scene in chapter 18 of Maximum Ride Forever on natural way conceived :

Fang sighed. "Maximum Ride, you are the stubbornest person I have ever met and sometimes it seems like your only purpose in life is to make mine harder, but I swear I love you more than I thought I could or anyone." love anything. ”

"Then stay," I whispered, squinting as they began to rise.

I felt Fang's hands on the sides of my face, his thumbs wiping away my tears. I felt the heat coming from his body, heard the holding of his breath. And when our lips finally came together, our kisses were urgent, our bodies hungry. As he ran his hands through my tangled hair, I looked up at him. Inhaled. And said: "Yes."

We sank to the ground, the dried leaves curling under us, and time passed for a while.

I couldn't tell if our voices rose with pleasure or pain, couldn't tell if my heart was breaking or bursting with joy. I just knew I didn't want to pull away from him for a second, and it wasn't until we both gasped for breath that I noticed Fang's eyes were closed and his lashes were damp.

Towards the end of the novel it is mentioned that the child Phoenix will be born. Although birth is discussed in the past tense

It wasn't all bad, however. In the room I shared with Fang, I swore a far too long birth and might have hit Fang and tore a pillow in half, but in the end I ended up with a crumpled, absolutely perfect piece of joy as a keepsake.

We see that it was a living, natural birth and, despite my guess and Max's fears, did not include an egg:

I patted my belly button and felt the swelling, which got a little bigger every day. I pressed my ankles against the little curve and kneaded into it, but it kept bouncing off.

I really hoped this wouldn't be a big egg to lay. How could I sit on it for nine months?

As for her age, the last piece of information I can find is than in the book Catch , Max turns 15. Fang is 6 months younger than her. I can't find any information on how long after each novel is the next, but I believe they generally follow immediately. Max was 14 years old in the first novel and it was until her sixth birthday.

The two characters can be assumed to be minors, but you need to remember that they weren't are human , since it involves human-bird hybrids, among other things, and that at this point in time the apocalypse during the conclusion of Nevermore had struck So there wasn't even a legal system to classify "minors".


I didn't know there was an apocalypse. Whoa. Well thank you CreationEdge / your wife ^ - ^

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@BCLC Glad I was able to help. I only looked it up because my wife read the whole series except for the last (since the last two, before it was apparently even more horrific than Patterson's normal YA material)

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@BCLC I got the e-book and scanned it and then referred to things in the previous books that were what my wife said. We have the printed copies of the other 8 on the shelf next to me.

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@BCLC In the new book? I looked for egg, baby, catch and love and tried to find passages relevant to the event.

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Yup. I knew a YA novel would get around the bush. I also looked for signs that the baby was fake and used Fangs DNA featured in the book, but it doesn't.