Why did the Nazis go to Antarctica

Frozen in time

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog 11.02.2016[…] Authors should be discovered or, what is hardly possible anymore, film countries. For Tesson, the problem with German cinema is: "It's either too German or not German enough." Either go around Nazis or the German identity is exhausted in a sparse formalism. Others make the cinema. There's television here: Figure on the invitation Sergio Fant sits on the selection committee for that […] From Thekla Dannenberg

Nobody has moved since then

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich[…] in the end someone dared to spread such sentimental-kitschy writer stereotypes: Here the original German - "pointless, powerless, provincial", "every thought is a uniform" and still in essence Naziproducing only "tired inwardness prose" or "irrelevant language experiments". There the Jew and immigrant - thinking sharply, feeling precisely, living cosmopolitan, "hard, wild, mean, critical […] Print, online, whatever? Dath gives the sad "white bread" that would like to be completely different if only capitalism would allow it. If the Germans used to say they couldn't do anything about that Nazis were to blame (it was always the others), then today the market is the bad one. So are always the others. That Dath himself works in a capitalist company, at least his […] From Anja Seeliger

Interview with Claude Lanzmann

Out of breath: the Berlinale blog[…] hte, Eichmann trial and Hannah Arendt, the new anti-Semitism and Jakob Augstein's equation of Gaza with the camps: "I condemn that. Just like the nonsense that the Israelis are the new ones Nazis and the Palestinians the new Jews. Arab terrorism with its explosive belts is terrible, this principle of killing oneself in order to kill. On the other hand: why there […] From Thekla Dannenberg

Godard's ugliest moment

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich[…] The sign The camera moves to the sign. The interview is done by German television. The Germans were them Nazis. Now the Germans are Zionists and support the Israelis. The Israelis are them Nazis from today. The Palestinians are the Jews of the Nazis (Elsewhere Godard justifies this equation of Palestinian / Jew with the word "Muselmann / Musulman", more on this […] By Thierry Chervel

At the Fuehrer's beard: Nazi UFOs in Timo Vuorensola's 'Iron Sky' (Panorama Special)

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog February 12, 2012[…] Festival. "Iron Sky" gives itself to that Nazi- Villain from the Pulp tradition as uninhibitedly lustful as it is loving: Unlike the Norwegian splatter boredom "Dead Snow", in which nerds target the undead Nazis hitting out of the snow, which are then just chopped off, "Iron Sky" shows a world that has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail and that has nothing to do with the real thing Nazis, but a lot with their ideological madness […] The key word is, of course, the curious conspiracy theory surrounding the alleged space program of the Nazis in Neuschwabenland, an Antarctic outpost of the Nazis. A story as crude as it is fascinating, not just obscurant noise projects like Nazi UFO Commander informs, but also inspires fantasies in Internet communities. Accompanied by the Laibach soundtrack and […] Come two Nazis after 72 years to New York and find a porno magazine. One of them says: "They develop like our women. But they have no hair down there, they look like girls." Says the other: "And if you have hair there, it looks like the beard of our beloved Führer!" Or else: gripping Nazis from the moon to the earth. The people in the UN are so full of denial […] By Thomas Groh

Denial of grief work

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich08.06.2011[…] but also has been blinded. By the way, Furet forgets here on a fundamental difference between Nazis and communists to enter. The "hatred of the bourgeois" well and good, but the hatred of the Nazis did not destroy the bourgeoisie while the communists really did destroy it. The Nazis used, manipulated, but left the relationship between capital and labor intact. The […] dominant state ideology and on the horror. This state terror allows a quantitative comparison, in which it turns out that the communists have more dead on their conscience than they do Nazis, partly because they had more time. Within these two totalitarian systems, I believe, one has to hold on to the historical argument of the uniqueness of the murder of the Jews, even if it is […] Reise ", I wrote in a kind of naive or pseudonaive attitude in 1962. There is still no distance between the author and the experience of a young communist who is convinced that the Nazi-KZs represent the most brutal expression of the power relations in capitalism. When the first reports came from the Gulag at the end of the 1940s, I still said that this is propaganda, that […] By Thierry Chervel

Who's right here?

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich 19.05.2011[…] The nation out of the way. This is why their dictators found anti-Semitism so attractive. "Herf is an expert on the situation. In his book"Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World "he has the intense Nazi propaganda in Arabia and the early cooperation between Nazis and Islamists, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamed Abdel-Samad, Boualem Sansal, Najem Wali are among the Arabs who […] By Thierry Chervel

The patterns of culturalism

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich08.09.2010[…] served as a pseudo-scientific justification for racism. But what Sarrazin's opponents overlook is that these discourses have by no means always been right-wing extremists. They existed before they were of the Nazis were driven to murderous consistency in all political camps. The Social Democrats, who always had to defend an autochthonous clientele against rushing competitors, were […] that even radicalized enlightenment discourses, even if they throw the ability to skepticism and self-relativization overboard, can fall back into religious madness. Of course it was mostly them Nazisthat finally brought evil to light in these ideas. But the left should, before always automatically pushing evil into the other camp, also for the archeology of its own passions […] By Thierry Chervel

The dishonored

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog February 15, 2010[…] some viewers are not satisfied with this answer, explains the editor Pawel Kocambasi: "We wanted to express our sympathy for Fritz Bauer." That was not necessary. Except old and young Nazis Today everyone has sympathy for the Hessian attorney general Fritz Bauer, who campaigned for the legal processing of Nazi crimes in the 50s and 60s and with it […] Judging National Socialism. But that is all known. Already in 1984 one could read a lot in Jörg Friedrich's book "Die kalte Amnestie" that anyone who is interested in the legal processing of the Nazi- Interested in the past, warmly recommended. And Irmtrud Wojak has just published a detailed biography of Bauer. The film hardly adds anything new to the facts. Yet […] Farmer lonely and bitter in 1968. A few months earlier, an introductory law to the Administrative Offenses Act had come into force in the Bundestag. Sounds innocent, but it led to countless numbers Nazi- Jokers, especially the desk perpetrators, got away with impunity because their complicity in murder was suddenly barred. Bauer must have experienced that as a final defeat, which it was […] From Anja Seeliger

Willi Winkler and the man of action

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich[…] one of the repetitions was: They wanted to re-enact the story of their parents, only the other way around, with themselves in the role of victims and resistants - and the Americans and Jews in the role of Nazis. Behind the justifications for one's own murders and thirst for murder lay a banal reflex of the unprocessed past, an unsightly appropriation of the victim status, a second disposal of the actual one […] By Thierry Chervel

Islam is not Islamism

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich[…] Culture, but a radical utopianism that mercilessly cuts everything that protrudes beyond its totalitarian tabula rasa as individual, cultural or regional difference, just as it once did Nazis did and just like the communists to whom Jelinek or Walser were attached in earlier days. The signatories of the manifesto look into the cameras of Friday with disarming honesty. The military […] By Thierry Chervel

Europe with two lungs

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich 19.03.2009[…] Weimar democracy went under. Because no one wanted to defend them - neither the intellectuals nor the trade unions, nor the workers. A particular egoism triumphed, the Nazis brought to power. Of course, history does not repeat itself, or it repeats itself only as a farce - as Marx said with Hegel - but democracy is never guaranteed. It could be like that again […] From Thekla Dannenberg

Trojanow's Darfur Crisis

Editorial blog - Im Ententeich 22.01.2009[…] Survive. "Why some have weapons and the other not, Trojanow does not explain, and he does not seem to notice that the last sentence of his quote, if necessary, the fight of the Nazis justified for their "people without space". A little internet research about the Amel-Center doesn’t bring much information, but at least one that Trojanow and the editors of the […] By Thierry Chervel