How many goals did Pique score

Pique sets another record: he is now the Blaugrana defender with the most CL goals

, Nicholas Dobyndo

  • He has already scored eleven goals, one more than the legendary Ronald Koeman
  • Oddly enough, Pique only met twice outside the Camp Nou stadium
  • He's also third on the list of all-time CL defender scorers
  • Pique's goal against PSV was a deflection from Messi's free kick, but the players disagreed on whether or not it was the exact plan

Gerard Pique breaks more records. His cheeky goal against PSV on Wednesday evening turned out to be his Eleventh Champions League goal for Barcelona out. He overtook legendary defender Ronald Koeman, who scored the only goal in the European Cup final against Sampdoria in 1992. At the moment Pique is the one Barca defender with the most CL goals.

Oddly enough, Pique has Hit only TWICE outside the Camp Nou stadium. His first away goal in the Champions League came in the 2016/17 group stage against Borussia Mönchengladbach. His other goals came against Inter (twice), Shakhtar Donetsk, Ajax, Celtic, APOEL and Roma (twice).

On the all-time record, Pique is third among defenders with the most goals. The podium is held by two Real Madrid legends Roberto Carlos and Ivan Helguera who scored 16 and 15 goals in the Champions League respectively.

Gerard Pique's goal against PSV was a cheeky deflection from Lionel Messi's free kick. The players later disagreed on whether this trick was planned or not. The Catalan defender said the team practiced this trick a lot while the Argentine claimed otherwise: "There was no rehearsal, that's a lie!"