How do I forward my calls

Activate call diversion for your landline in 3 steps!

This is how quickly you set up call diversion on your landline network!

As an entrepreneur, you can't actually afford to have your landline number unreachable, which is why you should activate call diversion for your landline network if you are absent for longer periods (e.g. vacation).

Diversion from your landline via MMI code

With most providers, call diversion is activated / deactivated using a key combination on the telephone / terminal. This MMI code "21" means that all calls to your landline are automatically forwarded.

Activate call forwarding directly using a key combination:
** 21 * Dial target number # -

Deactivate call forwarding directly using a key combination:
# 21 # - select

To be on the safe side, always make a test call on your landline number. If the MMI code did not work, we have some links below to the providers' MMI codes.

The most common reasons for a call diversion:

  • vacation
  • illness
  • Customer appointment
  • meeting
  • seminar
  • training
  • Outside of the house
  • Not available at the moment
  • line is busy

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As a Benefit office service customer, you can use our free office service app to divert calls on your mobile phone in just a few steps.

The Android and IOS App can be downloaded for free from the App Store:

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Use Benefit office service for your availability

The telephone service from Benefit office service offers you the opportunity to be ideally reachable for your customers. As a telephone service, we take your calls on your behalf. You can easily book our telephone service online and then activate call diversion. Then we take the calls with your stored message text.

We can take over your calls permanently or at short notice in special situations.

Our employees take all information from the caller and then proceed at your discretion. So you can either direct a callback or connect to the appropriate person. After the call, you will receive a call note by email or SMS. We can also pass on information to callers, make appointments or place orders.

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