How do I enlarge my cheeks

Shrink large pores: this is how it works!

Do you feel that your pores on your face are getting bigger and bigger over time? The skin looks somehow more uneven and especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose, cheeks) there are more and more "small holes"?

Don't get too critical of yourself now! Even if it looks different on Instagram: Without a beauty filter, EVERYONE has pores. There are around 300,000 in the face alone!

Before you test one cream after the other and throw a lot of money out the window to solve the "problem", you should read through this basic knowledge and the following tips for treating large pores. With the help of the aesthetic medicine doctor and skin expert Dr. Emi Arpa - known to many as @ dr.emi on Instagram - we reveal why the pores enlarge in the first place, which care products and treatments help against it and how you can easily remove make-up from pores.

Why do I have pores at all?

"The term pore comes from porus, which is ancient Greek and means opening. A mix of sebum and sweat flows through the small channels. It keeps the skin supple and regulates temperature," says Dr. Arpa.

The sebum also has an important protective function: it prevents the penetration of pathogens, bacteria and environmental pollution. So pores are important and very useful. The reason the small openings are more visible on some than others is because of their size.

How do large pores arise?

When you look around your girlfriends, do you get the impression that some have more pores and others less? That is absolutely right! "The texture of the skin is genetically determined, including the pore size. But lifestyle naturally also has an influence on the development of the skin. Things like smoking, sunbathing or lack of sleep have a negative effect." The tricky thing: you won't see the damage until years later.

So if you are stressed, please avoid butts and drinks and rather meditate for a while. And never outside the door without sun protection! By the way: "The natural aging of the skin also contributes to larger pores. Children have hardly any visible pores. Because constituents of the connective tissue, such as the body's own hyaluronic acid, break down over time, the skin slackens and the pores become larger. You have pimples Corona mask? That helps!

How can large pores be made smaller?

The bad news for all those afflicted with XXL pores: once enlarged, the pores do not retract by themselves into their original XS format. But: With the right care and good make-up, they quickly look smaller. If you want to restore the pores to their original state, you have to see a dermatologist. Please read on!

Which care products help against large pores?

There are many remedies and tinctures for large pores, but not all of them keep their promises. Dr. Emi Arpa primarily recommends tonics and serums with acids, for example AHA and BHA, vitamin C and salicylic acid. They all help to improve the quality of the skin and thus also to refine the pores.

"The long-term use of vitamin A acid preparations can also help refine the complexion," the skin expert knows. Sounds good right? Dr. Emi in the following.

How do I clean skin with large pores?

Dr. Arpa knows how: "The most important thing is to cleanse the skin thoroughly and remove make-up every evening. Then the skin expert recommends a non-drying facial toner (preferably without alcohol). With a little AHA or BHA, if you like."

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Which serum is best for large pores?

After cleaning and toner, Dr. Emi Arpa two serums for the evening. The first with salicylic acid and the second with retinol. Attention: Please do not use at the same time, but alternate daily. And in the morning? "An antioxidant, e.g. with niacinamide. The imbalance of free radicals can also contribute to premature skin aging and enlarged pores."

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Which cream is suitable for oily skin with large pores?

Even if the skin often produces a lot of sebum with enlarged pores, it needs moisture. Dr. Arpa recommends care (with ceramides and / or hyaluronic acids for balancing and re-oiling). In the beauty department, we like the Bare Haven cream from Bare Minerals because it is absorbed quickly, does not stick or shine, and yet it provides intensive moisture. Danger: Especially when using active ingredients, UV protection is essential in the morning skincare routine. Again, you should look for a formula that won't clog your pores.

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The most important: Stay tuned! Success doesn't happen overnight - but those who take meticulous care every morning and evening will soon be rewarded with more even skin. If you are also interested, you will find care tips for a beautiful cleavage here.

How do I make up to remove large pores?

Do you want the pores to become invisible immediately? Then only make-up helps. The most important thing for this: the primer. Most work with silicones - by simply "filling up" the pores.

The problem: These products can clog the pores in the long term and thereby even enlarge the pores. Therefore, it is better to rely on a silicone-free alternative. There are now numerous free-from primers that work well and can be used every day without any problems.

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Then comes the Foundation. Here, too, it is best to use a silicone-free version that does not get stuck in the pores.

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What can a doctor do about enlarged pores?

Creams and make-up against large pores either only work after a very long period of use - or only until the next time you wash your face. On the other hand, medical treatments are long-lasting in the fight against large pores. Here the skin expert Dr. Arpa the 3 best uses against large pores:

  1. Laser: "With certain devices, for example an erbium laser, the surface of the skin can be smoothed. This also makes the pores appear finer. Depending on the initial situation, 2-3 sessions are necessary."
  2. Radiofrequency needling: "The treatment works in the dermis (dermis), ie in deeper skin structures. The microtrauma of the needle pricks and the simultaneous heat from the radio frequency stimulate collagen and elastin production. The skin and thus the pores are tightened and smoothed. " Dr. Arpa recommends 3 treatments 6-8 weeks apart.
  3. Slightly cross-linked hyaluronic acids: "The quality of the skin can also be improved by non-cross-linked or poorly cross-linked hyaluronic acids. When injected, they moisturize the skin, trigger collagen synthesis and tighten it. As a rule, this treatment should be carried out once or twice a year."

Pores are all natural and useful. If you think they look too big, a lot can be done about it. With our tips, the right care and suitable treatments, you can get this under control quickly.

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