How was orange jam invented

Jams from Sicily

What is the difference between jam and jam?

Colloquially, most people certainly use the word for every form of cooked fruit that can be used as a spread jam. If you want to do elegant things, say “jam”. But there are actually differences that go beyond social origin or perceived social affiliation. In fact, since 1982, the EU has stipulated that only citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, mandarins etc.) should be considered jam may be referred to while all other ingredients are too jam are processed. This was intended to introduce a uniform language usage in Europe, because in Great Britain, for example, the distinction was between jam and jam has long been custom.

The invention of orange jam

That wasn't exactly surprising Bitter orange jam Invented by a woman, namely by the Scot Janet Keiller. A Spanish merchant ship docked in Dundee because of a storm. It had oranges loaded that weren't the freshest anymore. Janet's husband James bought the oranges at a bargain price. Janet boiled the inedible oranges with lots of sugar and put them up for sale in the joint shop. Their customers were enthusiastic and in 1797 the Keillers founded the world's first jam factory.

Jams from Sicily

The southern Italian region Sicily is an extremely important growing area for citrus fruits. So why take the sour fruits abroad first to get them? Jams to process? This is probably what Barone del Murgo thought, on whose land at the foot of Mount Etna extensive orange, mandarin and lemon groves bloom and bear juicy fruits. From these, the most delicious jams are made fresh from the harvest every year, which we have in our range as orange jam, tangerine jam and lemon jam. So you can get the Sicilian sun on your breakfast roll!

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