What are Madara Uchiha's EMS Powers

Is Itachi Uchiha Still Alive?

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Itachi Uchiha is already dead.

His actual death took place in the fight with Sasuke Uchiha. He used his own Susanoo to fend off Sasuke's powerful jutsu called "Kirin". Without Susanoo he would not have survived this attack. Using the Susanoo was very painful and therefore he could not use this jutsu insert completely.

In the end he made it to Sasuke and tapped him on the forehead. With his jutsu called "Tensha Fuuin Amaterasu" he can transfer his Amaterasu to others and did so. You have to train very hard and also use the Mangekyo Sharingan to get there To be able to master the Susanoo. In the end Sasuke has trained very, very much and was able to awaken the perfect Susanoo. One is sure that Sasuke has the strongest Susanoo and Kakashi also has a very strong one.

Itachi died and his body was then disposed of. In the fourth ninja world war, Kabuto Yakushi, the "henchman" of Orochimaru, used the Edo-Tensei. The Edo-Tensei was developed at that time by Tobirama and Kabuto then used it. Hidden during the application Kabuto was in a cave so that he could control everything from there. He also had Anko with him who was later very useful to revive Orochimaru. Sasuke Uchiha took over this. Anyway, Sasuke was out in the forest and he discovered Itachi .Itachi did not want to give him reasonable answers and so he followed him. He wanted to hear the truth from his mouth. They arrived at the cave and fought Kabuto. During that time, Asuke had learned a lot about snakes and was able to support Itachi well and also protected him from time to time.

In the end, Itachi used Izanami and was able to win the fight for himself and Sasuke, but unfortunately he lost the sight of the eye with which he used Izanami, he told him the whole truth and since Edo-Tensei was then dissolved it was time for to go to him.

All the ninjas who were reborn from the dirty earth disappeared, and so did Itachi. Itachi managed to control his body so Kabuto could not control him, but he could not completely detach from the jutsu and therefore he disappeared as well. Madara remained on the battlefield because he could loosen completely and thus regain his real body. Therefore he had no more cracks on his face and could bleed again.

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