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You may know the basics, but what about tips and tricks that are hard to find out? Here they are already! The nine things you (probably) didn't know you could do at Immortals Fenyx Rising.

1. Spread your wings to avoid fall damage

Often times you climb very high when exploring the world, but you certainly don't want to take the damage of a deep fall. Fortunately, there is an intuitive way to stop your fall from any height: just use your wings in the last second before impact and glide towards your target without sacrificing health! Otherwise you can spread your wings shortly before the impact in order to consume less stamina and still reach the ground undamaged.

2.Tame animals and ride them (some of them)

Taming mounts is an important part of exploring. Some of the animals you come across in the world can be tricked into letting you ride them. However, not all animals can be tamed. This is especially true for hostile animals. While taming and riding a bear may seem attractive, your attempt will fail and only result in a fight. Try to stick with animals that resemble horses or deer, as they are more likely to be tamable.

3. Use opponents as cover

Do you feel overwhelmed in a fight? Keep a cool head and use parts of your surroundings to your advantage - even those that want to tear you to pieces! If you place yourself behind enemies in battle, you can use them as shields. If you take cover behind them, they will intercept damage for you and your enemies will finish off each other while saving you precious stamina.

4. Catch the stones of opponents and throw them back

With the strength of Heracles you can throw opposing throws of z. B. Catch stones that are thrown at you. As soon as you have caught them, you can show your appreciation and throw the stones back with the note "back to sender".

5. Swap the stats of your equipment

Do you like the look of one piece of equipment, but the stats of another? Then you'll be happy to hear that you don't have to choose between style and strength! You can transfer the stats from one set of armor to another so that you not only fight well, but look good too.

6. Get additional gold amber from trees and bushes

Gold Amber is a useful resource that can be used to enhance the effects of potions that are commonly found in chests. But another way of getting at them is by cutting down certain trees and bushes. Look for those that glow and you will be able to reap an amber bonus.

7. Do a triple jump with the wrath of Ares

Do you need a little extra boost to get a head start? You can triple jump using the Ares Wrath uppercut right after a double jump. And for the icing on the cake, you can spread your wings to a little bit to get higher.

8. Get help with puzzles

Are you stuck with a puzzle? Do not worry! There are a few helpful tools available to you.

Assistance for puzzles - Regardless of the level of difficulty you play, you can go to the options and go to the help page. You will be able to choose help for constellation, fresco and Odysseus challenges as well as switch on puzzle feedback and subtitles for puzzles. These settings can be adjusted at any time.

Unlock skills - For some puzzles you need an ability or a divine power that you do not yet have. So feel free to come back later and try again.

Take a break - Your progress is saved in the vaults of the gods so that you can easily come back at a later point in time. Sometimes you just need a fresh look or a new divine power that you still lack to solve a riddle. If you get stuck, you can save your progress and come back at another time.

9. Use phosphorus illusion on printing plates

Phosphor's illusion can be used in combat, but also as a substitute when something has to be on pressure plates. Save yourself some time and call on Phosphorus for help! These were just a few of our favorite details. There is so much more to discover in this game! Tell us on social media which tips and tricks you liked the most, and also check out our 5 essential tips where we go about skills, as well as other guides on Gameplan!