President Trump is portrayed unfairly


This content was published on August 30, 2018 - 05:13 am (Keystone-SDA)

Donald Trump has fueled the dispute with large data companies such as Google and Facebook. They are partisan and suppress conservative voices, said the US president. Google struggled.

US President Donald Trump does not give up with his accusation of partiality against Google, Facebook and Twitter. On Wednesday evening he posted a video that was supposed to prove that Google had advertised the speeches "on the state of the nation" of his predecessor Barack Obama more intensively on the homepage than the Trump's. Google countered and stated that Trump had not yet held a "State of the Union" in 2017. In 2018, it was spread via a live stream.

Trump had previously stated: "Google and Facebook and Twitter treat conservatives and Republicans very unfairly". "They are really trying to silence a very large part of this country. And these people don't want to be silenced. It's not right, it's not fair, it could be illegal," he said in the White House.

When asked about possible regulation by Google, Trump said: "We'll see. We don't want regulation, we want fairness."

President sees conservatives oppressed

Trump first accused Google on Tuesday of suppressing conservative voices, and then expanded his criticism to Facebook and Twitter. The US President had initially criticized via Twitter that those who search for "Trump News" on Google only get bad news and reports from "Fake News Media" - this is how he describes media that are critical of him.

Trump later told Google, Facebook and Twitter that they treated large parts of the population unfairly and that they should "rather be careful". Trump's economic advisor Larry Kudlow had said when asked about a possible regulation of Google: "We are looking at this." Google has rejected Trump's allegations.

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