Why do people grow long hair

That's why head hair grows forever, other hair doesn't

Regular visits to the hairdresser are a must for many. But why does the hair on the head seem to sprout without end?

Many people regularly shave their leg and armpit hair, but even if they didn't, the hair would not exceed a certain length. In contrast to the hair on the head. They are getting longer and longer and the growth does not seem to end if the hairdresser does not trim regularly - right?

The feeling is deceptive, because all hair actually stops growing at some point, but with very different lengths. The growth cycle of a hair consists of the growth phase, rest phase and loss. While the growth phase of a scalp hair usually lasts about six years, a leg hair, on the other hand, only grows for about three months and then falls out at some point.

Heavy hair became a disadvantage

The British researcher Adrian Barnett identified an explanation for this phenomenon well in the past. When early humans figured out how to make a fire to keep themselves warm about 240,000 years ago, having a lot of hair all over the body became a disadvantage.

Over time, genetic changes occurred and people's fur declined. At the same time, more attention was paid to the scalp hair and long, well-groomed hair became an indicator of social status. After all, only those who could afford hard-working helpers had beautiful, long hair.