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Future I - German tense for the future

What is future tense I?

The German tense Future tense I. primarily expresses an intention for the future or a guess for the present or future.

Learn the rules for the use and formation of the future tense I in the explanation and then test your knowledge in the exercises.


When do you use future tense I in German?

With the German tense future I we express the following:

  • Intention for the future
    Tomorrow I'll sort the files.
  • Guesswork (for the future)
    You won't be able to do this in a day.
  • Conjecture (for the present)
    His office will probably still look this messy.

How do you form the future tense I?

To conjugate verbs in the future tense I, we need the forms of become and the infinitive (basic form) of the main verb.


We often reinforce guesswork with words like: well, sure, definitely. Usually they come right after the conjugated verb. (But: They come after the direct object if we only want to emphasize the verb or if the direct object is a pronoun.)

He willtidy up his office./He'll be his officeto clean up.
He will itwellto clean up. (Not:)

Since these words already express a guess, we can also use the sentences in the present tense.

He'll probably clean up his office. = He's tidying up his office.