What is the most undervalued pleasure

The questionnaire answer of the year!

I have just read the questionnaire answer for the year, if not the decade! Conrad Schormann, better known as the “Pearl of Lake Constance”, came into the field of vision of GM Thomas Pähtz. Yes, his daughter is called Elisabeth! The ritual of his renowned magazine “Schach” includes this point in the questionnaire: “Who do you think is the a) most overrated and b) most underrated personality in chess history?”. Many innocuous answers have been heard here. But I let Conrad's answer slip on my tongue with pleasure!

a) The top players are overrated who do not answer their team captain's e-mail in the week before the team fight, have someone call and ask, come straight to the kick-off on the day of the competition, sit down at the board, disappear after the game, never show up at the club evening and never offer to share their knowledge with the youth of the association.

b) The good souls of the associations, a handful of people who keep the business running and who hear a "thank you" far too seldom, let alone receive support, are underrated. Thank you, Lothar!

No idea which Lothar is meant here? But we all know the few Lothars in our club. Thank you! And the Lothars would be really happy if they could welcome another Lothar to their ranks every now and then! Conversely to point a: There is always a bit of such a tendency among the particularly good players. Because they are of course in great demand, and that can be annoying. Hence, a certain prima donna behavior is entirely human. But do we really have such people in our current 2nd Bundesliga team? No we have not!! And I'm very happy about that. But on the contrary! Didn't Ivan's mother recently mention in passing that she had made sure that the national championship of Moldova was postponed by one day so that her son can take part in our league game !? Thanks Ludmila, that was great. For those who don't know. Ivan Schițco, 17 years old since this month, is our player on board 1. On February 8th and 9th you can admire him for the first time in the Bürgerzentrum West. In the large Hajek room, of course. If you don't come, it's your own fault.

Claus Seyfried