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Marketing strategy: buyer personas, content strategy & campaigns

Together we determine the types of people involved in the customer's decision-making process (“buyer personas”), develop the respective individual content strategy and determine the measures and campaigns.

Marketing strategy: buyer personas, content strategy & campaigns

In this phase we determine the im Decision-making process of the customer involved types of persons ("Buyer personas"), Develop each individual Content strategy and put the appropriate measures & Marketing campaigns firmly.

Marketing strategy: Define buyer personas, content strategy & campaigns

Difference between target group and buyer personas

If you want to address and reach your ideal customers efficiently, you have to have as precise an idea of ​​them as possible. In marketing, two established concepts compete to support this: theBuyer Persona and thetarget group.

Here you can find out how the two concepts differ.

target group

The term "target group“Refers to all the people you want to target with a marketing campaign. A target group is a subset of the overall market and results from a market segmentation.

There are many ways to select the target group:

  • by place or by environment
  • according to socio-demographic criteria (gender, age, education, interests, ...)
  • after interactions (returning customer, first-time buyer)
  • according to psychological characteristics (early adopter, late adopter)
  • according to media appropriation (certain social networks, devices, content)
  • and much more

Google and Facebook ads work on a similar principle. In the options, select criteria with which you limit the totality of all users. The more precisely you limit, the less wastage your campaign has.

Buyer Persona

A Buyer Persona - unlike a target group - has a specific face. She is a fictional person who represents your typical customer. This concept makes it easier for you to better understand the needs, challenges, and actions of your ideal customer. That way, you can tailor your content much better.

This excerpt from a Buyer Persona example illustrates the concept:

Definition of the buyer personas and the marketing strategy with summ-it

Targeted buyer personas are based on information about your existing customers (e.g. from interviews) or from market research. In our marketing strategy workshops we interview your most experienced sales staff - they know "their" customers very well and know from their experience which groups of people are relevant for the customer - they areBuyer personas.

In this data you will find similarities and similarities that will help you to contour your persona and ultimately to make it more concrete.

Why should you make this effort when it is much easier to restrict the entire market based on a few criteria, as with the target group concept? Or in other words ...

Why are buyer personas important?

A buyer persona enables you to optimize your content marketing. Your ideal buyers will only pay attention to your content when it's of interest and relevance. Many marketers are intuitive here. This may work for a while, but it does involve risks. It is better to visualize the buyer's journey - a model that depicts how someone makes their purchase decision.

The phases of the buyer’s journey

This buyer’s journey differs from product to product and is different for each buyer persona. Susi Carefree goes through a different buying process than Hans Wurst. So you need a buyer persona to outline your buyer’s journey. This is why the buyer persona is such a central part of content marketing and inbound marketing.

The buyer’s journey of a buyer persona - a central component of a marketing strategy and of inbound marketing

You will find it easier to answer the question “What would my ideal customer do?”.

Whether you have to decide on the title of an e-book, a design element on the website or attending an industry event, with a buyer persona in mind you can more easily determine what your ideal buyer would do.

With a buyer persona in mind, you can better find the right approach.

The easiest way to explain this point is with an example from another industry: Experienced radio journalists often tip newcomers to the idea of ​​introducing a friend or family member when they speak into the microphone while recording. This notion means that beginners don't just read a text, but sound more lively. This way the recording will be much better.

It's similar in content marketing: With a buyer persona in mind, you don't just write your content there, you write it for someone. In addition, you can finally ask yourself the question: "What can I do so that Beate Example finds the text even better?"

Create buyer persona

The number of buyer personas varies depending on the industry, company, products and services. You can have 1 or 2, but also 10 or 20. If you are new to the concept, start small. First create the most important one and add more later if necessary.

Our experience shows that you should start with 4 - 6 buyer personas. Should further buyer personas be required over time, these can easily be added.

Source: Hubspot

Content strategy

Who do you create content for?

Who is the target audience for your content? For how many audiences do you create content? Just as your company could have more than one type of customer, your content strategy can address more than one type of persona.

Using a wide variety of content types and channels will help you serve different content for each type of audience you want to target and to engage everyone with whom your company does business.

Find out more: 7 steps to a content strategy - the guide.

Content strategy / content marketing strategy with summ-it

Content creation

We combine our many years of experience from hundreds of editorial projectswith our industry expertise, so that interested parties can find what they are looking for with you: concrete solutions and useful information.

Websites, portals, microsites, news articles, social media or print media: The aim of our content marketing is to be active for you on the relevant channels through which your target group communicates and your customers get information - and that is channel-appropriate: Example Trade journals: Readings are slower here than on the Internet. This has an impact on the structure, choice of words and style of the content.

In the online area, however, conciseness is required. The formulation must be more pointed and therefore shorter. Keyword search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization = SEO): The professional use and handling of the decisive keywords is crucial for a strong ranking on the Internet.

We have mastered the entire range of modern content marketing. Our guarantee of success is oursproven expertise, supplemented with our abilities to communicate the topics of your company in an exciting and beneficial way.

Marketing campaigns

In this step, we jointly determine which marketing campaigns we will carry out in order to place your products and solutions in the “minds of your target customers” in the best possible way.

Which events do you take part in? What outbound marketing measures do you carry out? How and where do we place your content so that your target customers can find it in the best possible way using inbound marketing?

Even if there is a general trend from outbound to inbound, your existing customers and partners expect to receive relevant information on new products and updates from you on a regular basis. Newsletter marketing is therefore by no means “dead”, but must be used in a more focused manner.

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